All You Need To Know About CBD Crystals

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All You Need To Know About CBD Crystals
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One of the most abundantly found compounds in a marijuana plant (besides THC), is cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. Many users love having CBD on hand, especially when there are specific instances where taking THC is not ideal and CBD might be more appropriate. There are many ways to use CBD, but have you ever heard of CBD crystals? Cannabidiol crystalline is an isolate of CBD and made of pure CBD, and is extracted from the cannabis plant or hemp plants that contain a ton of CBD and low amounts of THC. So why are CBD crystals important to know about and how should you add them into your cannabis routine? Here is all you need to know about cannabidiol crystalline and what you can do to incorporate CBD crystals into your life. Make sure to check out our CBD products for sale so you can get the best type of CBD for you and your needs. 

What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals, or cannabidiol crystalline, are only made up of purely CBD and no other compounds typically found in a cannabis plant. There are different types of CBD like broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD, which means that there are other compounds mixed with CBD, like a cannabis plant’s terpenes, and can even include additional essential oils for tastier consumption. CBD crystals look like actual crystals and can be used in various ways, and cannabis consumers almost always appreciate the variety of cannabis creations that CBD crystals can offer.

Why does CBD crystalize?

Science works in mysterious and funny ways, but the truth about crystalline cannabidiol is that normally, a natural state of crystalization can occur in very high-quality CBD that is also considered to be highly potent. While this can occur naturally, these days there will be a process that refines CBD extracted from the plant thus removing all other cannabis compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. Usually, this refining process allows manufacturers to remove anything that is not CBD and then will use them for other types of CBD products from there. Again, CBD crystals are extremely versatile and go a long way when in the crystalized form!

How do CBD crystals work?

Cannabidiol crystalline works in the way that typical CBD products do, except it is required that it is liquified somehow. Whether this is by ingesting, vaping, or melting down by mixing with a carrier oil - CBD crystals are easy to use and can have a beneficial effect for the user when consumed consistently. After the extraction and crystalization process is complete, CBD crystals can be used in a variety of ways. Whichever method you prefer to consume CBD, cannabidiol crystalline is an excellent option when you want CBD in pure form without any of the extra terpenes and cannabinoids. 

How to use CBD crystals?

How to use CBD crystals?

There are quite a few ways to use CBD crystals, and no which way is better than the other as it really comes down to preference. One thing to note for new users is that you cannot overdose on CBD so there is no need to worry about taking too much. It is always recommended, however, to microdose with any new substance and see how your body reacts to it. CBD can be used in various ways so feel free to try them out, here are some ideas below to get you started!

Mix CBD crystals with a carrier oil

Since cannabidiol crystalline is in solid form, it will need to be melted down with a compatible carrier oil. This is for those that would like a CBD tincture, and the best homemade method for doing this is by using CBD crystals. Cannabidiol crystalline ensures the user that they are only consuming CBD and nothing else like THC or other terpenes and cannabinoids that are often found even in CBD flowers.

Mix cannabidiol crystalline into vape liquid

While it is possible to mix CBD crystals with vape liquid, it is not recommended so much as every vape user should understand the health risks that are associated with e-liquid. If you want to do this, it is best to research first the right ratio for you when mixing your favorite vape liquid with cannabidiol crystalline.

CBD crystals dissolve under the tongue

The most efficient way to ingest cannabidiol crystalline is to take it straight by dissolving it underneath the tongue. To get the best effect, dissolve CBD crystals underneath the tongue for one minute to a minute and thirty seconds. This method of using CBD crystals will go directly into your bloodstream and have you feeling all the cannabidiol crystalline effects as soon as possible.

Make edibles with cannabidiol crystalline

If you love to take edibles and want to shoot your shot at making edibles with CBD crystals, all you need to do is infuse CBD crystals with coconut oil, butter or something similar. Unlike making edibles with THC, making edibles with CBD crystals needs no activation process through decarboxylation. To make CBD edibles with cannabidiol crystalline, all you need are five to ten minutes to melt down the oil or butter of your choice - do this at the lowest temperature so you do not accidentally burn it! Add your preferred amount of CBD crystals and stir for five minutes, then once both the CBD crystals and oil or butter are thoroughly mixed together, it can be used in your edibles recipe for a fantastic treat. CBD edibles typically take one to two hours to fully kick in, so sit back and relax while you wait for the good vibes to hit you.

CBD crystals vs other forms of CBD

Cannabidiol crystalline is the purest form of CBD, otherwise known as a CBD isolate. The other forms of CBD include broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD, where both spectrum-type CBDs include other cannabinoids and compounds in addition to CBD. Full-spectrum CBD includes THC whereas board-spectrum cannabidiol crystalline does not. CBD crystals offer users a peace of mind because they know they are consuming only CBD and nothing else. 

The benefits and effects of CBD crystals

The benefits and effects of CBD crystals

Users rave about the benefits and effects they receive from using CBD crystals, although every user experience is dependent on their body and tolerance levels. Cannabidiol crystalline has been known to assist users in helping with chronic body inflammation, bouts of sadness and stress that might be induced from our day to day lives. 

CBD crystals are excellent for users that want to get the most out of CBD, since it is considered an isolate and purely made of cannabidiol crystalline. Since CBD crystals are pure CBD, you can truly do so much with it and should feel some effect no matter what your tolerance is. CBD is not meant to get you high, FYI, since there is a lack of THC present in CBD crystals. Many use CBD in place of THC because they need to stay functional, and cannabidiol crystalline will do just that for you. While you will not feel any psychoactive effects, you will feel some sort of calmness within you that is unexplainable yet probably the goal of why you decided to take CBD crystals in the first place. 

You really cannot go wrong with cannabidiol crystalline because of how pure it is and derived from hemp plants that have the most CBD available. Since CBD crystals typically last between a two to six hours on average, most users just need to take one dose in the morning or evening and they are riding out that CBD wave for a good while. One of the best parts of taking cannabidiol crystalline is that it is typically not addictive and will not have you relying on it like a bad habit. CBD crystals are there at your disposal but helps you manage your personal situation a lot better! Who wouldn’t want that?

Can you make homemade CBD crystals?

It is highly recommended that you do not make your own CBD crystals, as it is a specific process that should be left to the professionals. While you can definitely create your own CBD products with cannabidiol crystalline, it is best to purchase CBD crystals from a trusted seller because it is just easier that way. Creating CBD crystals takes more than you think, but naturally there are CBD products (like CBD oil) that will crystalize on its own if left over time. This just shows how potent and high-quality cannabidiol is in the oil, and that it is pure. Users can confidently make their own oils, edibles, and so on - but when it comes to actually making CBD crystals it is best to buy it from somewhere you know their manufacturing processes are up to standard. 

Can you dab/vape CBD crystals?

You can definitely dab or vape cannabidiol crystalline, but it might not be the best method for you. However, if you are a hardcore dab enthusiast and it is the method you prefer, then go on with your bad self. Typically, you can dab CBD crystals the same way you would with a ball of wax, but trying out different methods will determine which route is best for you. 

CBD crystals conclusion

Have you learned enough about cannabidiol crystalline? You might not have heard about it much before, but CBD crystals are taking the cannabis community by storm because it is an excellent product to have on hand whenever you need it. CBD crystals are excellent for using when you are too high and need to come down, when you want to stay functional and not get too lifted throughout the day, or to just have a pure solid form of cannabidiol crystalline on deck because you never know when you want to make CBD brownies. And if you are new around here, check out our EF420 story and EF420 FAQs to get the rundown on us, our customers love us as much as we love them and for good reason!

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