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Top 5 Heady Dab Rigs For Sale

September 10, 2021 3 min read

heady dab rigs

In every stoner’s journey there comes a time where one feels the need to upgrade their dab setup, and what better way than with a nice heady dab rig? Heady stoner accessories are high quality pieces handmade by experienced glass blowers, and are a great way to add that wow factor into your smoking accessory collection without even trying. Heady pieces are like the stoner version of being a sneakerhead, so needless to say, once you start it is almost impossible to stop. Just a warning, heady dab rigs are not cheap but each is well worth it! If you’re serious about getting into the heady community, here are the top 5 heady dab rigs for sale that are sure to leave you higher than you’ve ever been before.

Empire Glassworks Avocadope Mini Rig

Empire Glassworks avocadope mini rig

There are two people in this world, those that love avocados and those that can’t stand them. If you’re crazy about the fruit, the Empire Glassworks Avocadope Mini Rig is the perfect tribute. This six-inch mini dab rig has a banger hanger design, savoring every flavor of your dabs to get you a top quality pull every single time. This handblown heady dab rig for sale features a realistic looking avocado, so try not to get too high and mistake it for the real stuff. The perfect travel companion, pack this dab rig up and take it on the next getaway to properly set the vibes.

Empire Glass Beehive Nano Rig

Empire Glass Beehive Nano Rig

A true visionary, the  Empire Glass Beehive Nano Rig is the mini dab rig that has all the stoners buzzing. A little under six inches, this heady dab rig for sale features an exquisite design of a beehive that will have you fixing for something sweet after just a few hits. With a partial transparent look, watch the smoke dance through the chamber before you inhale for a nice little show. The flat and sturdy base makes this easy to store and handle from the day to day dab sessions, and FYI this setup does not come with a banger so feel free to grab  quartz bangers to convert from a bong to a rig.

Empire Glassworks Pandas Nano Rig

Empire Glassworks Pandas Nano Rig

There’s no way you’ll be able to get over the cuteness of the  Empire Glassworks Pandas Nano Rig, a 6.5-inch dab rig that is here to deliver all the panda-monium. Watch the smoke dance through the handblown glass of several adorable panda bears playing in the greens, all that’s missing is your set of greens too! While a banger is not included, this piece can be used for concentrates, oils, and flower. A versatile heady dab rig will deliver top quality smoke sessions that will expand your love for cannabis, and pandas!

Stegosaurus Rips by Cleveland Flame Works Glass

Stegosaurus Rips by Cleveland Flame Works Glass

Explore your love for reptiles by bringing home the  Stegosaurus Rips by Cleveland Flame Works Glass, a heady dab rig that can fit nicely on your shelf with the rest of your dinosaur collection after you’re done using it. Handblown by artist  @clevelandflameworks, this heady dab rig can stand on its own, making it easy to prep your weed and get to dabbing. An impeccable recreation of a stegosaurus, you’ll be getting so high and googling random facts about the species. Like did you know that paleontologists once thought stegosaurus’ had a brain in its butt? We know one thing for sure, this stegosaurus has the ability to get a stoner high every time.

Black Velvet Petunia by Laceface x Micah Evans

Black Velvet Petunia by Laceface x Micah Evans

Low and behold, this masterpiece of a dab rig is the  Black Velvet Petunia by Laceface x Micah Evans. This heady dab rig for sale costs a pretty penny, but here’s why. Besides the obvious that this piece was made by the incredibly talented  @Laceface and  @MicahEvans, you can expect this piece to be made with the highest quality materials and glass blowing methods. This 16-inch huge bong is handblown to perfection with a recreated design of rare black velvet petunias. Elevated by a sturdy metal base, this heady dab rig for sale is easy to use once you get the hang of it. 

Heady dab rigs

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of heady dab rigs, you can see how amazing each piece is, down to every last detail. Heady dab rigs might cost a pretty penny but the experience each provides is well worth it. While heady dab rigs for sale also doubles as art, there’s nothing like each heady piece as they are specially handblown and designed by glass blowers that curate each piece for the ultimate smoking experience. Interested in more hardware? Check out other  dab rigs for sale and put new life into your dab sessions. 

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