7 Beautiful Glass Beaker Bongs For Sale

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glass beaker bongs
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Heading into the fall it is time to bust out the stoner jackets and treat yourself to some new hardware. It has been another long year but we can all finish strong with some brand new glass to smoke your troubles away. A bong rip a day keeps the stress away, especially with these fantastic glass bongs that are functional and overall great pieces to invest in. Here are 7 beautiful glass beaker bongs for sale that will blow your mind and your troubles away!

Astral Bong - 16 inches

astral bong

Let’s start off with a bang by introducing the Astral Bong, a 16-inch huge bong that will send you to the best head space, astronomically. WIth a white beaker base for extra sturdiness, the chamber and neck of the bong is a beautiful gradient design of blue and green which makes each hit look extra special once the smoke starts to rise. Equipped with a splash guard so no gross bong water hits your lips, this bong is elite and for veteran smokers only.

Twisted Tower Beaker Bong - 16 inches

 twisted tower beaker bong

If beauty and the beast was in the form of a bong, it would be the Twisted Tower Beaker Bong. Standing at 16 inches tall, this big beaker bong has a 5” diffused downstem for extra filtration. The star of the show is the twisted glass chamber, not only making it easy on the eyes but easy for gripping as she is no small feat. The beauty is in the glass, but the beast comes out when you light her up, so get your lungs ready she delivers every time! For an extra wow factor, check out the Twisted Iridescent Beaker Bong.

Cartoon Duo Bong - 13 inches

cartoon duo bong

Two is almost always better than one, especially in the case of the Cartoon Duo Bong. For Rick and Morty fanatics this is an epic pair that can never be beat, I mean name a better duo than these two? We’ll wait. At a comfy 13 inches, these beautiful glass beaker bongs have life like Rick and Morty expressions, even down to the chompers surrounding the bowl. We guarantee you will be tripping out about it after a bowl or two.

Iridescent Bong - 8 to 14 inches

iridescent bong

The Iridescent Bong is one of those pieces that is so functional and timeless, adding to its overall beauty. Choose different sizes from 8 inches to 14 inches and know this piece never misses. With a slitted downstem and ice catcher, no matter what size you settle for you can look forward to filtered and cooled down hits no matter the time of year. The iridescent design makes the smoke look extra magical while it dances up the neck to the extra wide mouthpiece for easy inhale.

Oceanic Beaker - 16 inches

oceanic beaker

Is the Oceanic Beaker as mystical and magical of a bong as it looks? You’ll have to try to find out, but it’s pretty safe to say that all 16 inches of this beautiful glass beaker bong delivers quality hits. Probably not recommended for the novice smoker, this beaker bong even has an ice catcher to really cool things off and get things flowing. With a teal and light teal gradient combo, feel the motion of the ocean with every bong rip you take. 

Nocturnal Owl Beaker Bong - 14 inches

nocturnal owl beaker bong

For the lonely stoner that seems to free his mind at night, the Nocturnal Owl Beaker Bong will be the go-to hardware for those late night bong rips. At 14 inches this beautiful glass beaker bong has an owl literally sitting pretty, just staring back at you waiting for you to light it up. This piece has a beautiful orange gradient design that will light up even at night, making it a great companion for the times you can’t seem to catch some sleep.

Pink Color Tip Icey Beaker Bong - 18 inches

pink color tip icey beaker bong

Smoke in style and class with the Pink Color Tip Icey Beaker Bong, a whopping 18-inch glass beaker bong that looks too pretty but packs a powerful punch. Don’t be fooled by the softness of the icey pink glass, equipped with a slitted diffused downstem and an ice catcher, this big bong will filter hits and cool them off like no other. With a pink-colored mouthpiece that’s a bit wider for extra comfort, smoke in luxury every time. Just be prepared to get high AF!

Beautiful glass beaker bongs

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we can all agree that these glass bongs are top tier in the looks department and we can attest to how great they work too - just check the reviews! If these beautiful glass beaker bongs for sale are a bit too heavy hitting for you, check out more bongs for sale for every style your stoner self can dream of!

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