Top 420 Makeup Looks

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cute 420 makeup looks
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Even though 420 should and is celebrated year-round, the actual day of April 20th is the time to kick it into the highest gear and pay homage to a stoner’s best friend by dolling up all things Mary Jane. There’s a few ways to show your love for marijuana besides smoking it, like wearing festive 420 gear or even dying your hair green. A quick and creative way to celebrate 420 to the fullest is to doll yourself up and don’t hold back. Here are the top 420 makeup looks to choose from and get some ideas to make this 420 holiday epic!

Top 420 makeup looks

mary jane makeup looks

A quick tip for basic 420 makeup looks is to focus on the eyes and start going from there. You can do so much with your makeup that your face is a blank canvas with so many possibilities. Working with various shades of green automatically reminds others what day it is and incorporating ganja leaves is also less subtle but totally the time and place to do it. Go for a 3D look like this Mary Jane inspired makeup tutorial and add ganja looking leaves for extra effect! You can use actual marijuana leaves if you have on hand but we do not recommend being wasteful like that! 

green makeup looks

Go for a simple vibe with lighter green shades on the lid and add some sparkle where you feel the need. Again, playing with the eyes is probably the most essential part of top 420 makeup looks because it serves a fierce message and pairs so nicely with a set of stoner blood shot eyes to go with it.

charcoal makeup looks

To bring out a darker, more mysterious 420 side try a smokey eye with green undertones. There are some tutorials that draw the smoke and if you are talented enough to do this we encourage you to do so! If not, you better make sure you are smoking all night long to reproduce that smoke cloud!

rasta makeup looks

Of course you can’t forget about Bob Marley on a special day like 420, and the top 420 makeup look of all time is paying tribute to the weed man himself with some red yellow and green colors. Play with the eyes and lips to really wave your stoner flag high and attempt your best winged liner if you feel bold and confident to do so. Pop some highlighter everywhere and you are ready to give all the good vibes at the 420 function!

Bretman Rock makeup looks

bretman rock makeup looks

When you think of snatched makeup looks and weed, one of the first social media influencers that would come to mind is Bretman Rock. An avid smoker from Hawaii and serving looks almost daily, Bretman made himself a powerhouse through social media for his makeup skills and incredible personality. Check out this video of Bretman Rock doing makeup after smoking weed to see just how fun it is to let loose, get high and let your inner self take over to beat that face. You can even get Bretman Rock makeup products in stores like Sephora and Morphe, his highlighter palette is WORTH IT.

BrandiTV makeup looks  

brandiTV makeup looks

If you’re feeling like doing the most with a 420 makeup look, BrandiTV is a whole entire mood. The basis of her YouTube channel is to get extremely high (usually on edibles or other special treats) and then attempt to do a makeup look. As you can see she does more than the average stoner but it is nonetheless extremely entertaining. With 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube she draws in an audience by taking way too much edibles and laughing her butt off with a contagious laugh that makes you want to get high and join in. If you’re spending 420 alone, this is the channel for you to feel like you have your own bestie!

There is no such thing as too simple and no such thing as too done up on this holiday, so feel free to gather inspiration from these top 420 makeup looks and create your own unique style! Makeup looks in general are meant to be expressive and there’s no better holiday than 420 to be throwing your cares out the window and vibing to the best Spotify playlists when you’re high while beating your face and serving some looks. Make sure you get all the 420 smoking accessories lined up for the big day as well! 

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