Tips For The Perfect Weed Salad

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The cannabis community is known for its innovative creations and life hacks, and a weed salad is at the top of best inventions list. Millions of cannabis consumers have either done this out of luxury or necessity, there is always a good time in store when one is in the mood to mix up a weed salad. So what is a weed salad and why do people do this? 

A weed salad, as you can probably tell, is when two or more cannabis strains are mixed together - similar to a salad except all of its contents are various weed strains. Sometimes people like to make a weed salad because they don’t have enough of one strain to roll up a full joint, and others like to mix a weed salad to create their version of the perfect high by combining the best of their buds. Here are a few tips for the perfect weed salad and things you can do to make sure your weed salad is mixed to perfection every single time!

Is it okay to put different weed in the same jar?

While a weed salad contains multiple strains mixed together, you’ll want to whip up a fresh batch of weed salad right before smoking to preserve its contents. Avoid the habit of mixing your weed and keeping it in the same jar because chances are your ganja will mix and you won’t be able to tell which is which. If you’ve found the perfect blend of different strains that you absolutely want to stick to, then by all means trust your gut but if you are wanting to separate your sativa and indica strains you’ll most definitely want to stay organized and be able to identify which is which. 

Tips for the perfect weed salad

One thing that everyone should know about a weed salad is that it is purely made of only weed, nothing else. You cannot mix weed into an actual salad (it would taste bad and wouldn’t get you high) and mixing with anything like tobacco or other similar components is not a weed salad. Pure weed and two or more strains to be exact is what constitutes a perfect weed salad so try not to complicate it! Without being too overwhelming, here are a few tips for the perfect weed salad that will steer you in the right direction for a good time. 

Mix a fruit salad with fruity weed strains

Just because a weed salad does not contain any other ingredients does not mean the flavor has to be lacking. Mixing some Super Lemon Haze with any Tangie strain, or Mango Glue and Jungle Apple will give a weed salad bursting with fresh flavors that anyone can smell and taste instantly. Combining fruity flavors together will only enhance each strain when mixed together so this is a great tip for the perfect weed salad at a party or group gathering where everyone can enjoy.

Mix similar strains for the perfect weed salad

Sometimes people think that mixing polar opposite strains may work best, and for some that could be true but oftentimes this is not the case when it comes to the perfect weed salad. When mixing a weed salad, you’ll want to mix similar weed strains together to have an amplifying effect rather than an overwhelming one. Mixing different families will definitely get you high but might give you a high that is out of your control. Whereas mixing strains from similar families will nicely mix with one another’s terpenes and quantify its effects instead of working against each other.

Mix complementary weed strains together

Think of your weed salad as actual food. Something similar to sweet and salty, a pair like an earthy strain mixed with a citrus strain might work wonders together, versus a gas or fuel-like strain paired with a fruity one. Just like people and their particular food cravings and preferences, everyone is different and new mixtures are created every day! The best part about making the perfect weed salad is that each time will be different, you’ll most likely have different experiences with each weed salad but you’ll most guaranteed have a great time, every single time.

Is it bad to mix buds?

Some like to think a weed salad is a recipe for disaster in the sense that mixing weed together is very unpredictable. But with these tips for the perfect weed salad you really can’t go wrong! Starting off in small doses, mix two strains together and slowly work in more as you build your tolerance and find what strains pair well together. The perfect weed salad is limitless and the only way to know what works best for you is trial and error, so grab a smoking accessories to roll up your perfect weed salad mixture. 

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