Pineapple Express Strain Review

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Pineapple Express weed strain
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Are you in need of a euphoric and uplifting, yet peaceful and calming high? While many marijuana strains can help you achieve this feeling, there’s something about a good Pineapple Express strain that hits differently than other weed strains. So what is so special about this weed strain and why do many stoners consider it a favorite? Besides being popularized by the Pineapple Express movie, this hybrid strain is popular for many reasons and by the end you’ll be needing to smoke a bowl yourself to see what the hype is about. Let’s dive into this in our Pineapple Express Strain Review, shall we?

Is Pineapple Express indica or sativa?

Pineapple Express derives from its parents Trainwreck and Hawaiian, so it is not surprising that Pineapple Express is the perfect hybrid blend of 50% indica and 50% sativa. If you are ever on the fence with taking new hybrid strains, Pineapple Express is the easiest route to take when introducing a new strain because it is the best of both worlds! Whether you are a sativa or indica fan, Pineapple Express appeases both types of cannabis consumers. Pineapple Express is one of the safer cannabis strains to try if you are needing to spice things up and kick your smoking experience up a notch.

What kind of high is Pineapple Express?

Usually, Pineapple Express tests in the 18-24% THC range so there are mild to more potent versions available if need be. This hybrid strain usually causes euphoric sensations, instantly uplifting users after just a few puffs. Many look forward to an extremely relaxed feeling when using Pineapple Express, and makes for an especially great vacation strain since it promotes tropical notes and summer holiday vibes. This strain does not give so much couch lock rather than provide an uplifting, mental high more than anything. Giving a buzzed and alert high can also help users get their errands done and make it a productive high! Users seem to be able to control their high because Pineapple Express provides a good base high that can be built on. Similar to the movie, Pineapple Express inspires low key and mellow vibes which makes for a great time!

Medicinal Benefits of Pineapple Express weed strain

Pineapple Express, like most other marijuana strains, have a specific combination of terpenes that contribute to its flavor profile. The Pineapple Express strain is known for its citrusy, tropical flavor with notes of earth tones for a well-rounded weed strain. The sweet flavor profile makes it an appropriate strain for any time of day, specifically in the daytime to leave room for activities and any other creative things it might inspire you to do. The real stars of this weed strain are the terpenes and each working together to achieve a perfect balance and user experience. 

Myrcene is one of the most common cannabis terpenes and can be apparent in Pineapple Express. This terpene is responsible for the sleepiness or heaviness a weed strain can cause. If treating physical ailments with Pineapple Express, if you smoke enough you will experience high levels of myrcene and definitely feel a couch lock effect if that was your intended purpose for using. But for the most part, Pineapple Express is considered a “happy” strain and actually helps in fighting fatigue. 

Limonene is another terpene present in Pineapple Express and known for having energetic properties. Limonene has a distinct aroma of citrus notes and is also considered an antioxidant with potential cancer-preventative and antidepressant effects! Users with physical ailments will definitely benefit from limonene terpenes because it is an anti-inflammatory and helps with chronic pain.

Caryophyllene also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and similarly to limonene, it is great for treating anxiety and depression. Pineapple Express is jam packed with all the good feeling terpenes. It's hard to not catch a vibe when smoking it!

Pineapple Express Strain Review 

Many stoners are fans of Pineapple Express for the way it makes you feel like a slice of butter melting on a big ole pile of flapjacks. Just like when James Franco describes Pineapple Express strain: “it’s like killing a unicorn, with a bomb.” Whatever that means, we know that this majestic strain is all that and more. Pineapple Express is one of those good feeling strains that makes you want to clean your house, plant an entire garden and then invite the neighborhood over for a potluck dinner. 

If you are wishing to be more social and need a motivating force, Pineapple Express is your Mary Jane bestie that will help you get in the zone so you’re not too much in your head! If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and need to take a step back and evaluate things, Pineapple Express is one of the best strains to get yourself into a better headspace. Set the vibes right and pick up a cool glass bong to pack your weed in! By the end of one bowl you should be flying high feeling like you’re in the actual Pineapple Express movie and we love that for you.

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