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You’ve heard of wine pairing during dinner, but what about pairing weed and wine? Weed infused wine is nothing new, but cannabis enthusiasts have fallen in love with this heightened alcoholic drink. In the past, many cultures have infused wine and cannabis or other herbs to create medicinal tonics used for pain relief after survey, but modern versions are very different. Many cultivators and wineries have experimented with cannabis infusion over the centuries, but have not released their products to the masses, rather keeping it underground for legal reasons. Luckily, this has changed and it’s possible to purchase a bottle of pot wine without having connections to this niche community, though this is a very different product than you may think.

What is weed infused wine?

Today, it’s possible to get your cannabis fill in many different ways and one of the latest trends is swapping alcohol for weed. Cannabis pairs perfectly with wine, not only because of both plants’ complex flavors and terpene profiles, but also the fact that the typical effects you know and love will be heightened. However due to emerging laws, it’s not possible to have the best of both worlds.

Does weed wine get you high?

Let’s just say that after a little nightcap of cannabis wine, you’ll be sleeping just fine. The alcohol in pot wine boosts the effects of THC, however most pot wine in the U.S. does not contain alcohol or if it does have alcohol, it will not have THC. This is due to legal hurdles relating to the production of alcohol and cannabis products in the U.S. For a true weed wine that has both alcohol and THC, you’ll need to put on the kitchen apron and cook up your own weed wine at home.

With the popularity of new products comes new regulations. It is illegal in the U.S. to manufacture and/or sell alcohol and marijuana products in the same place, so as mentioned previously, it’s not possible to legally sell weed infused wine with both THC and alcohol content. Labeling of cannawine has many restrictions as well with some brands choosing to call their cannabis infused wine a “tincture.” Any cannabis wine sold in the U.S. for recreational use (non-medical) will not contain THC or will not contain alcohol. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Cannawine has a distinct pot flavor that wine lovers and cannabis connoisseurs both enjoy.

Best weed infused wine to try

If you like to sip a glass of pinot noir after work or pop a bottle of rosé at brunch, then cannabis wine may be just what you need to change things up a bit. These are our favorites:


Launched in 2017, the Spanish wine brand Cannawine is set on disrupting traditional wine culture by adding a punch of cannabis. Crafted by oenologist Pau Albó i Carles, this weed infused wine has 14.5% alcohol content and contains less than .02% hemp-derived THC. You may be wondering what’s the point, but once you try a sip, you’ll immediately realize that cannabis and wine were meant for each other. The balanced flavors and strong ganja smell give drinkers a unique experience. Choose from red (50% garnacha and 50% cariñena), white (50% garnacha and 50% macabeo), or sangria (100% garnacha soaked with orange, lime, and strawberries).

Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines

If you’re a resident of Canada, don’t miss trying the highly rated Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines from Ontario’s Black Prince Winery. Nestled on 50-acres, this vineyard dishes normal wines plus tasty pot wine packed with local hemp-derived CBD. Each bottle of white wine has a 13% alcohol content and 4.20% filtration and is best served ice cold alongside a few tapas.

Rebel Coast Winery

Unfortunately, Rebel Coast Winery decided to stop producing its top-selling cannabis infused sauvignon blanc and chose to enter the competitive seltzer industry. While you still may find a bottle or two of their beloved pot wine sold by 3rd parties online, the California-based winery now serves up cannabis infused seltzers that promise to not give you a hangover. Available in a variety of flavors, these seltzers come in sativa-dominant or indica-dominant options as well. 10 mg of THC, zero calories, and no hangover? Yes please.

House of Saka

Cannabis has infiltrated the luxury wine market as well with the House of Saka pot infused sparkling chardonnay, white wine, and red wine. All three weed wines have a balanced THC to CBD ratio with its alcohol removed and come in exciting flavor profiles. The sparkling chardonnay has been infused with a mimosa strain live resin emulsion with natural flavors from orange blossoms and tangerine for refreshing citrusy notes that will elevate your summer. For a fruity blend with honeysuckle and fresh strawberries, try the Saka Pink, or pour yourself a drink of Saka White that features peach, apricot, vanilla, and a hint of oak. House of Saka sells its cannawines in dispensaries throughout California.

Other weed infused wine to try:

  • Viv and Oak
  • Cannavines
  • Make your own cannawine at home!

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