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Deep fried foods don’t just taste amazing when you’re hungover, it’s also sought after by stoners when they get the munchies. But really, who can turn down crispy delights that were just taken out of a hot oil bath. There’s one thing nearly all pot smokers can agree on; some things like music and food are just better when high. Deep fried food may be great on cheat days, but it gets elevated while blazed. Not only does the food taste better than ever before, marijuana also increases appetite. Ever wonder why people like to hit the bong before a buffet or big dinner party? The munchies effect actually has some medical applications as well. For example, those suffering from weight loss due to other health conditions like cancer treatment or depression will often benefit from cannabis. Can’t think of what to eat? Here are a few deep fried foods to try while high.

Fried food list

Fried chicken

People can get very picky about their chicken and often have their top pics for the best fast food fried chicken. From classics like Popeyes and KFC to your local diner that’s been around for decades or trendy Korean fried chicken, there are many variations on fried chicken and every one of them tastes amazing when you’re blazed. From the crispy seasoned skin to the juicy interior, fried chicken is a classic munchies snack. And let’s not forget about other types of fried chicken like popcorn chicken, chicken wings, and chicken tenders.


Stray from the fried classics and experiment with other types of flavors and cuisines. Empanadas are a Latin American and Southern European delicacy. These handheld pies are filled with meat and veggies and fried to a crisp. Don’t get scared, but it’s hard to stop munching on the buttery, flaky crust, especially while blazed. To order empanadas, check with your local Argentinian, Columbian, or other Latin American restaurants.

Churros or funnel cakes

Both of these can be considered fair fried foods, but you don’t need to wait for the carnival to indulge in churros or funnel cakes. It’s actually very easy to make funnel cakes at home and both churros and funnel cakes are often considered some of the best deep fried foods around. The funnel cake recipe calls for your typical baking ingredients that you probably already have in the cupboard and takes just 10 minutes! Whisk together eggs, milk, water, vanilla, sugar, baking powder, and flour and drizzle it over a pan of hot oil. That’s all there is to it, but let’s not forget about toppings. Get creative with chocolate, bananas, powdered sugar, ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, caramel sauce, sprinkles, or even peanut butter.

Cheese sticks

There’s nothing like a gooey, yet crispy cheese stick that melts in your mouth. These are one of the best late night munchies since you can buy them frozen and fry them up in just a few minutes. If you don’t feel like leaving the couch, most restaurants have cheese sticks as an appetizer and with the numerous delivery apps out there, you’ll have your munchies snacks in no time.


What’s better than a giant burrito smothered in salsa? A deep fried burrito of course! This Tex-Mex specialty is super filling, so we suggest you only take on the challenge if you haven’t eaten (there have been mishaps). We recommend ordering delivery, but it is possible to make chimichangas at home. Just fill up a large tortilla and make a burrito as usual. Secure it with toothpicks and deep fry or bake it for a healthier option.

Deep fried mac and cheese

Americans love their mac and cheese. They also have a love affair with fried foods, so this dish is a match made in deep fried heaven. Each morsel is just enough for a bite or two and is the perfect food for when the munchies hit. As one of the best deep friend foods, you can’t go wrong if you already enjoy normal mac and cheese. A similar alternative is the Italian snack, arancini. These are also deep fried cheesy balls, but instead of pasta, arancini is filled with rice, cheese, and a little tomato sauce.


There’s nothing like the perfect fry. What seems like a simple dish actually has lots of variations if you think about it. Fries can be extra crispy, spiral cut, steak fries, or shoestring fries, and let’s not forget about the dipping sauces and toppings. Poutine is a classic dish from Quebec, Canada, that can be eaten as an appetizer or an entree. Simply put, poutine is french fries sprinkled with cheese curds and smothered in brown gravy. Some restaurants even put additional toppings like shredded beef, mushrooms, pulled pork, or scallions to make it even more decadent. If you’re ever in Canada, they have the best fast food fries for the munchies, because you can order it poutine style!

More fried foods to eat while high:

  • Beignets
  • Tempura
  • Fish sticks
  • Deep fried Twinkies
  • Butterfly shrimp
  • Chicken nuggets and fries
  • Deep fried Oreos

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