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LEVO infuser with lid open
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If you’ve ever cooked with marijuana to make weed edibles or other infusions, you know how much of a mess it can be. You typically need to use both the oven and the stovetop and will have a sink full of pots, pans, and other dishes by the end of it. Most home marijuana cooks are also turned off by the smell, which wafts through the entire house and often takes quite some time to air out. If this sounds like some of the reasons you don’t make marijuana edibles at home anymore, then we’ve got a great solution for you, the LEVO infuser!

LEVO infuser review

This kitchen gadget dubbed “the Keurig of edibles” helps home cooks make herbal infusions quickly with a few clicks of a button. You don’t need to have any cooking experience to be able to navigate the LEVO infuser’s user-friendly controls. The infuser pod, silicone lid, and oil reservoir are dishwasher safe as well, so clean up is a breeze. The LEVO infuser will take your cooking and cannabis edibles to a new level.

What can I infuse with LEVO?

While you’re probably here to learn how to make easy weed edibles, the LEVO 1 infuser isn’t just for cooking with cannabis. You can make infusions with almost anything like lavender, thyme, vanilla, mint, rosemary, onion, garlic, and more! You can even make cannabis topicals, so the options are endless. For weed edibles, the machine is compatible with any kind of oil as well as butter and honey. The most popular options are butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and MCT oil. When making topicals, the machine is able to infuse shea butter, cocoa butter, or beeswax. Not recommended for the LEVO oil infuser are solvents of any kind, hash, cannabis concentrates like shatter, wax, or budder, and vape liquids.

LEVO infuser making cannaoil

Does the LEVO oil infuser smell?

One of the best aspects of making weed edibles with the LEVO 1 infuser over the traditional stovetop and oven method is that there is no smell! There’s no need to worry about your parents, landlord, or neighbors accidentally finding out about your 420 lifestyle. The LEVO infuser machine has an airtight seal around the upper lid, which keeps any scents from the infusion process contained. However, when the top is opened for cleaning, some smells will emerge.

LEVO oil infuser recipe

The LEVO infuser has three main modes: dry, activate, and infuse. The dry mode is for drying out fresh herbs from your garden or farmers market so they can be saved in your pantry and used in recipes later. This mode is not meant for cannabis flower. The activate cycle is essentially the decarboxylation mode designed specifically for activating the chemical compounds in cannabis for more potent edibles. Finally, the infuse mode will incorporate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the dry herb into the butter or oil of your choice.

  1. Remove the pod from the top of the LEVO 1 Infuser. Open the lid and fill with ground dry herb and replace in the top of the machine. Be sure the dry herb is packed loosely but still fills the entire pod.
  2. Choose the activate cycle and press start. The default setting for this cycle is 240ºF  for 30 minutes, but you can customize the temperature and time.
  3. Now that your bud is decarbed, it’s time to infuse. Add the butter or oil of your choice to the large reservoir.
  4. Set the desired time and temperature for the oil you’re using and choose the infusion cycle. Remember to place a large enough jar or container below to catch the infused cannaoil or cannabutter.
  5. That’s it! Now it’s time to start making edibles with your cannabis-infused butter or oil.

Note that your cannaoil will not be green like other methods of infusion. This is because the LEVO infuser uses a seeping method that does not directly blend the dry herb into the oil, which is what releases chlorophyll from the plant and often gives cannaoil a green tinge. This does not affect potency in any way.

Conclusion: Is the LEVO infuser worth it?

If you’re an avid home chef or someone who makes cannabis edibles often, the LEVO infuser is a game changer and is absolutely worth it. Not having to keep an eye on the stove and having less cleanup is often already enough of an incentive for most avid edibles chefs to invest in a LEVO. Get your LEVO 1 infuser at our online headshop for just $164.20 and don’t forget to pick up an herb grinder while you’re at it!

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