How To Make Marijuana Tea

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Want to give your lungs a break but still get high? Say you need a soothing and calming remedy to de-stress throughout the day but can’t light up a joint or take a bong rip. Besides taking edibles or tinctures, cannabis tea is an excellent way of soaring to the moon. Not as fast-acting as directly inhaling Mary Jane, weed tea is a gradual dosing that will have you feeling good but still able to function. Learn how to make marijuana tea and you’ll soon become the sipping stoner you never knew you wanted to be until now!

How to make marijuana tea

There are different methods to making marijuana tea, some are quicker than others but does not necessarily mean it is the best method! Depending on the materials you have on hand to make the tea, there are a few different methods to try. The easiest way would be steeping dry cannabis flower into water, however this is less intoxicating and no one really likes this method unless you’re desperate since it tastes exactly like what it is - watered down weed, which we all know is not a good combo. 

The easiest method to make marijuana tea is to infuse your tea with a cannabis tincture that has already been prepared for you. This way, you know exactly how much of a THC dosage is going into your cannabis tea and can monitor your intake. However, if you are inspired by DIY and think you can whip up some tea with a nice kick - try mixing cannabis with something fatty (like coconut oil or butter) so that you can sit back and enjoy a potent potion created by you! This process is referred to as decarboxylation, or decarbing weed which makes cannabis more potent by activating herb. 

Marijuana Tea Recipe


  • 1 gram of weed, finely grounded (a citrus or sweet-scented strain works well)
  • 1 tablespoon of fatty substance of choice (coconut oil, unsalted butter)
  • 1 teabag of choice (chamomile, lavender or good ole English Breakfast will suffice)
  • 4 cups of water (this is for three servings, adjust as needed)
  • Flavoring ingredients (milk, honey, cinnamon, sugar, mint, lemon if you’re feeling zesty)
  • Fine strainer or cheesecloth


  1. Add four cups of water to a medium sized pot or saucepan. Once the water is boiling (not a viscous boiling), add one teaspoon of your coconut oil or butter and let it dissolve completely. This is what will initiate the weed to stick to the fat and filter out the good from what is plant material and not needed to get high. 
  2. Add one gram of finely ground weed into the pot of boiling water. Turn down the temperature to a simmer, and allow this to happen for 15 minutes. Basically, the longer and slower you simmer, the more potent and well blended your concoction will be. Terpenes tend to burn off very quickly especially under high heat so we recommend to take your time with this step for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Time to strain! Use your cheesecloth or a fine strainer to get the tiny bits of weed while saving the water and other good bits. You can strain into a teapot, another pot, or anything that will hold the four cups of water - we don’t waste around here! Hot tip: make sure to use a fine strainer if not using a cheesecloth to avoid getting loose bits of weed in your mouth while sipping.
  4. When this is complete, remove the cheesecloth or strainer and add your tea bag into the pot along with any other ingredients you wish to add. You can be as little or extra as you want to be with this step, it is your palette you are pleasing! Add your go-to favorites or switch it up and try something different.
  5. Remove the tea bag, stir so all ingredients mix together. Serve and enjoy!

Safely enjoy your weed tea

Although cannabis tea is not as fast acting as smoking weed, this can still contain a potent dose so please drink with caution. Try drinking one cup and wait an hour or two for effects to kick in before drinking another - treat this like edibles where you know not to take too much before it hits you later at once and start looking like the Spongebob edible meme.

Depending on your metabolism, the THC content of weed you have on hand, etc. - every batch of weed tea can taste slightly different. If you prefer not to have a weed-like flavor at all, you’ll need to add milk, sugar or honey to compensate for the earthly taste. If that doesn’t work, there’s still the option to grab some cool bongs for sale. But the next time you are not able to light up and still have some ganja on deck, take 20 minutes to make yourself a nice cup of tea + weed!

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