How To Keep Edibles Fresh

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Do you like to buy edibles from your local dispensary or do you prefer to make your own? With a lot of us stoners having more knowledge and accessibility to the best weed strains, the cannabis community is pumping with various edibles to buy in-store or many recipes available to make your own. One remaining question most have is regarding storage - how do you savor an edible without compromising the taste? Here is what you need to know on how to keep edibles fresh and contain all the goodness like it was just made!

How do you make edibles last longer?

The last thing you want happening is your edibles going stale and you only realize it as you are in the moment wanting to sail to the moon. So what can you do to never have to experience this terrible yet avoidable situation? First, remember the most important parts to keeping edibles in any household: make sure your storage container is lockable, labeled, and colored so there is no confusion about what is in there. The last thing you want is someone eating your edibles thinking they are kitchen-bought cookies! Here are a few ways on how to keep edibles fresh - there are different ways to store edibles based on what they’re made of to fully save all the flavors you need to enjoy it for weeks to come. 

How to store edible chocolate candy

When handling chocolate, humidity and temperature is important to consider. Simply wrap up any leftover edible chocolate in foil and store in a cool, dark place. Chocolate edibles are pretty easy to keep fresh as long as it doesn’t melt! Storing in the fridge will extend its shelf life by a few months, but will produce a slight white film which is normal and nothing to worry about. It is best to seal in its own container so it does not absorb surrounding odors in your refrigerator.

How to store gummy edibles and hard candy

Again, it is best to store gummy edibles in a cool, dry place since sugar will start to absorb moisture. Hard candies will last a while but not be the best in texture over time, whereas softer candies like caramels or fudge should be individually wrapped and stored accordingly so it does not melt into one another. 

How to store homemade edibles 

Similarly storing homemade edibles the way you would store-bought edibles, homemade edibles tend to not have as long of a shelf life. It is best to safely store in the fridge no matter what ingredients you choose to use. There are so many great homemade edible recipes to make but if you are looking for longevity it is usually best to buy from a dispensary.

How long do edibles stay fresh?

Depending on the ingredients, edibles can stay fresh from as short as three to four months, to as long as a year to 14 months! Here’s a quick rundown of how long you should keep edibles stored and when it is time to get a fresh batch. FYI, it is best to keep in the fridge for most edibles but if you have a cool pantry to tuck away your special edible box feel free to do that but this might knock off a few months of shelf life. 

  • Dark chocolate - up to one year
  • Milk chocolate and white chocolate - eight to ten months
  • Hard candies - up to one year
  • Soft candies - six to nine months
  • Fudge - around six months
  • Homemade edibles - up to three months
  • Jams - up to six months
  • Peanut butter - six to nine months 
  • How do you make edibles last longer?

    A quick trick to make edibles last just a bit longer is to throw them in the freezer! It can extend shelf life by a couple more months if you ever find yourself with a big batch of edibles that you need to stretch out. While freezing edibles might change its taste a bit, if you tightly wrap in plastic wrap along with foil that should avoid the frostbite taste some might be concerned about. Be sure you don’t forget to store your edibles in the freezer and put them in a place you can easily access.

    Where to get edibles

    Take a trip to your local dispensary for quite a few options of edibles to choose from. Most dispensaries carry gummies, chocolates, hard candies, and more. Store bought edibles are great when wanting to be specific and intentional with each dose, while homemade edibles tend to be more potent and you never really know how it will hit you which is half the fun! Speaking of storage, make sure you keep your weed as fresh as you keep your edibles with smart storage stash to give your cannabis the royal treatment.

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