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420, 510, 710, potheads love their three-digit numbers. While 710 may be the newer addition to the bunch, cannabis concentrates have been around for quite some time and it’s no surprise that there is a day dedicated to the art of dabbing. Like most things that revolve around marijuana, 710 has a mysterious origin story and no one really knows who started using the popular term, though some people traced it back to around 2010 or 2011. If you’re all out of ideas this year and are asking yourself “how to celebrate 710”, then this article is for you. We’ve got some fun ideas to honor the green goddess and all things dab this July.

What is the 710 community?

Cannabis concentrates have become exceedingly popular with a separate 710 community branching off from the usual 420 stoners. While both groups love their Mary Jane, the 710 community prefers to dab concentrates like wax, crumble, and budder. Dabbing is very different from smoking dry herb and require special tools and equipment, so it’s no surprise that the dabbing community decided to separate themselves from the 420 stoners. On Instagram, the hashtag #710 has amassed over 11M posts, which give you a glimpse into how popular dabbing has become.

Why is 710 wax day?

The simple answer is that upside down and backwards, 710 spells “OIL”, which refers to honey oil or hash oil, two of the original cannabis concentrates. Similar to how everyone lights up on April 20th (4/20), the 710 community bring out their dab rigs to get blazed on concentrates every July 10th (7/10), preferably at 7:10 (A.M. or P.M. is your decision). While the origin of 420 is linked to a few high school kids and an insane story about The Grateful Dead, no one has stepped forward to claim that they started the 710 craze.

How to celebrate 710

Get tickets to an official 710 event

There are many ways to celebrate 710 beyond simply dabbing at home with your friends like every other Saturday night. One great way to meet other cannabis enthusiasts and learn about the hottest products in the dab world is to visit an official 710 event. The 710 Degree Cup in Arizona, Camp Sesh in Oregon, and the Kush Master’s 710 Celebration in Colorado should be at the top of your to-do list. These events range from a three-day camping trip filled with glass blowing demos, live music, and vendors, to crowning the best concentrates of the year. While not all held on 7/10, you can still celebrate the day by reserving tickets to one of these three cannabis events.

Make dabs at home

Yes, you heard that right. Invite your friends to a DIY dab party and spend your 710 making your own cannabis concentrates and extracts at home. Some methods are more difficult than others, so be sure to do some research beforehand. If you haven’t done this before, we recommend starting with a solventless extraction process and making kief, hash, bubble hash, or rosin. If you’re comfortable using a flammable solvent, CBD or THC oil such as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) requires isopropyl alcohol or grain alcohol and is very simple to make at home since it doesn’t require any extravagant tools. Just remember to work outdoors in a highly ventilated area and never have any open flames nearby.

Try some new cannabis concentrates

Visit a new dispensary that you haven’t been to before and check out what cannabis concentrates they have in stock. Venture out of your comfort zone and pick something you haven’t tried before. If you’re unsure about potency, strains, or types of cannabis concentrates, don’t be shy to ask a budtender. Budtenders should know about most of the products on offer and have probably tried many of the more popular concentrates themselves, so it’s a great way to get a first-hand review if you’re unsure. Don’t forget to ask about any special deals going on for new customers and if they have a 710 special.

Celebrate 710 in nature

Call up the outdoor-loving potheads in your life and head to the hills or the beach. This 710 celebration idea calls for a portable dab rig or dab pen that’s lightweight and travel-friendly. If hiking, remember to never go out alone and choose a trail you have been on before. It’s easier than you think to get lost when you’re blazed. Before heading out, be sure to have all electronics fully charged and don’t forget to pack the necessary dab accessories like a dab tool and carb if needed. Don’t have an e-rig or dab pen of your own? Try one of our faves that are perfect for adventure:

  • Storz N Bickel Plenty Vape - Ultra portable 2-in-1 vaporizer for smoking dry herb and concentrates.
  • Dr. Dabber Stella Vape - Minimalistic wax pen with three temperature settings (550F, 630F, and 775F) depending on your smoking material and vapor preferences.
  • Grenco Science G Pen Roam - Powerful e-rig with water filtration and a durable aluminum alloy protective shell that produces flavorful, dense vapor.
  • Kandypens Crystal Vape - Award-winning dab pen for concentrates with a quartz crystal glass atomizer and medical-grade stainless steel for a clean burn.

For more 710 accessories like cheap dab rigs, e-rigs, dab pens, carb caps, dabbers, concentrate storage containers, dab mats, torches, and more, visit our online smoke shop.

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