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How Long Does Weed Last

December 23, 2021 4 min read

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Weed consumption is a magical activity that is a great way to pass the time and spread good vibes. But how long does weed last and why is this important to know? Whether you are needing a rundown of how long you’ll be high for or how long your weed is good until it expires, we’re here to drop some knowledge to provide the best cannabis experience. Let’s get to it!

How long does being stoned last?

Generally, weed highs should last anywhere between 2-3 hours but can range anywhere from 45 minutes to 6 or 8 hours. Marijuana consumption affects everyone differently so depending on a few factors is how to determine the length of time weed will stay in a person’s system. Here are a few factors that play a major part in a person’s weed experience.

Frequency of use

Obviously, if someone gets stoned everyday their tolerance will be much higher than a new user and the high will wear off a lot quicker. If someone is just getting into the weed game and not used to consuming THC, the high will be a lot longer and more potent as well. If you are on the opposite spectrum and can’t get high enough, tolerance breaks are a real thing and largely benefit frequent users that need to reset their body. While it is not very fun, that first high post-tolerance break will hit different and in the best way.

Weight and physical build

A person’s weight usually plays a part in how long a weed high lasts. Weed tolerance plays a part but a person’s weight has a lot to do with how high a person becomes. THC actually attaches to fat, so believe it or not, a person with more fat cells in their body will experience a different and longer lasting high than someone who has barely any fat for THC to hold on to. This is also the reason why it takes a longer time for individuals to detox of marijuana because the more fat to store on to, the longer it will take to exit the body. 

Smoking on an empty stomach

General rule of thumb and similar to drinking alcohol, one of the biggest questions to ask yourself before smoking is how much have you eaten today? If you’re surviving off of half a breakfast burrito from eight hours ago and can feel your stomach rumbling, chances are your high might go sideways and will have you feeling sick more so than high. If you smoke on a full stomach or at least have intentions of eating after smoking, most experience a much deeper high and often allows you to enjoy being high way more than you would in starvation mode. 

Indica vs sativa weed strains

As a reminder, sativa is uplifting and euphoric daytime strains while indica strains are more for nighttime and winding down with a heavy body high. Of course when comparing how long does weed last, the type of strain and THC percentage plays a heavy part in the longevity of its performance. Don’t be fooled and think that higher THC percentage strains are better than the bargain budget strains, Mary Jane hits everyone differently so don’t knock it til you try it! If you want a full-functioning high to run errands, sativa is the route to go and that couch lock high is brought to you by none other than good old indica strains. 

Does weed go bad?

Experienced smokers know just how much weed it takes to get high, but many are not aware of how long does weed last until it goes past its expiration date? Whether you are getting some buds from the dispensary or from your roommate, there are a few ways to tell if weed has gone bad or on its way out. 

Weed texture and smell

Most users can instantly tell if weed has gone bad simply by the texture and smell. Fresh weed usually smells pretty loud and constantly shows off its frosty tips with flavorful terpenes. Expired weed is normally dull looking and will have a stale smell that is similar to mold - because it probably is! Smoking old weed that seems dry and bitter or spongey can actually pose dangerous health issues so please make sure to inspect your weed if you are planning to store some ganja for a while. 

Best weed storage 

While there’s no straight answer to how long does weed last, the best solution is to stay stocked and in supply in case your weed high ends unexpectedly. If trying to resurrect or lengthen the shelf life of some old marijuana, learn the best way to store weed. Hint: airtight glass containers go a long way! Ganja is a magical plant that just needs some tender love and care so make sure to grab the best weed storage jars to keep your precious buds fresh so you can get faded. 

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