How Long Does It Take To Grow Plants?

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When beginner plant growers start their journey to cultivating their own crop, there are tons of questions that arise. It is very natural and necessary to be aware of all the stages it takes for plants to grow because each step in the process is important to its overall growth and the quality of each crop. So how long does it take to grow plants? There is more to this question than you might think, so buckle up and hopefully you learn a thing or two so you can get out there and grow your own special strains!

How long does it take to grow a plant?

The short answer to this question is that it will take anywhere from eight or nine weeks to seven months. The long answer involves much more information needed to give an accurate amount of time. The following factors will determine how long it takes to grow plants:

    •  Strain of choice
    • Desired amount of yields
    • Growing method 

Which strains to plant 

If you are looking to quickly grow a small crop and not wanting to wait several months for yields, try strains like OG Kush, Super Glue or Durban Poison. These strains could take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks from seed to smokeable harvest and even in the most generic conditions these strains should give some good quality buds.

If time is not of the essence it is recommended you take your time learning which strains you’d like to personally cultivate as you can learn the ins and outs of each strain and what might work for your personal harvest.

How much seeds are you trying to grow?

Realistically, if you have a garden or some sort of space to harvest your bud you can dream as big as the moon and smoke your way there too. However, bigger yields take longer to harvest and if you are not trying to do all of that please be aware of how much you are trying to grow and stay within your means. Similarly, if you are one of those stoners that needs to grow a decent harvest to last you through the winter so to speak, you do you and just make sure you factor in the larger loads into your harvest time. Patience is key to growing plants!

Where do these special plants grow best?

Are you trying to create an indoor or outdoor setup? Your harvest times will depend on the environment of its growth so come up with a plan regardless of the growing method. Growing indoors or hydroponically can lessen the wait time to the shorter end of two months, whereas depending on the outdoor conditions will determine how long it will take to grow in a natural climate. Check out the most common mistakes growing whether you are indoors or outdoors and know that your surroundings are important to better growth!

Important milestones for growing plants

To fully understand how long it might take for plants to grow from seed to smokeable harvest, you can expect the process to be as long as two months to six months depending on the above factors. Generally, here are the milestones for growing plants:

    • Germination - The planting of seeds takes between one to seven days and seedlings will appear.
    • Vegetative - Lasting roughly four to eight weeks on average, this is the stage where the plant grows stems and leaves. This is the state where topping occurs and is one of the most important parts of growing plants and involves tasks like topping a special plant. Learn why this is essential to plantsgrowth and how to top a plant.
    • Flowering - This stage takes about eight to ten weeks on average and if growing indoors the lighting schedule will be on a timer to specifically control growth. This is when plants usually double in size and the amount of time during this stage will be based on the strain. 
    • Harvest and cure - Taking anywhere from one to two weeks depending on the amount of yields, the crop needs to be dried and cooled in a dark place during this stage until the stems snap and can be trimmed. This stage is essential and should not be rushed either to get the best quality and longevity of the buds.

Don’t rush plant growth

The final piece of knowledge when it comes to growing plants is to never rush the process! Do your due diligence and conduct research prior to making a setup so you know exactly what you are getting into. Like many house plants, it takes a ton of TLC to properly grow plants and it is essential that you take your time and put your best vibes forward when handling your crops. Are you planning on making a bulk batch? We like your style and to plan ahead even further make sure you sign up for the Bud to Bud Subscription Box to really spice up your stoner style by surprising yourself with new goodies every month! Let’s face it, after growing your own stash you deserve to treat yourself.

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