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420 pipes
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Just when you thought cannabis couldn’t get any cooler, stoners are always staying innovative even when it comes to a simple setup! If you are a pipe type of smoker it is essential that you have a few go-to pieces you can count on to get you high and ready for lift off. Especially with the 420 holiday rolling around, you’ll need some new hardware so why not treat yourself! Whether you’re looking to spend your next stimmy on smoking accessories or balling on a budget, here are cool pipes for 420 that you need to add to cart ASAP. 

Cool pipes over $50

Empire Glassworks Portal Gun Pipe

empire glass works portal gun pipe

Coming in hot is the Empire Glassworks Portal Gun Pipe that also glows in the dark! At seven inches long, this heat-safe cool glass pipe is hand blown to perfection and inspired by Rick and Morty’s portal gun. Have your own inter-dimensional adventures and blast off to another universe with this beautiful Rick and Morty pipe, turn the lights off and let the good times ride!

Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe

pypetek pipe

Smoke out of an old school/new school hybrid which is the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket Pipe, it is a mouthful to say but not a handful to use. At only 4 inches long, this cool smoking pipe has the style of a tobacco pipe but modernized with sleek upgrades that will blow your mind. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this pocket pipe delivers an authentic glass smoking experience in a piece that is easy to hold and even easier to clean. A rugged build all around gives you peace of mind when you get too faded and might commit a few party fouls.

Genius Mini Class Pipe

genius class mini pipe

Looking for more discretion but still want all the elements of a cool smoking pipe? The Genius Mini Class Pipe is pretty much just that, a genius mini pipe! This pack and go pipe is five inches long and includes the Genius TruTaste screen and Mini Evolution Slider, giving you all the tools to pack your weed on the fly and get outrageously high. If you need to lay low during your 420 moments, this weed pipe is here to save the day! 

Empire Glassworks Cream Pie Pipe

empire glassworks cream pie pipe

If you’re looking for both crazy and cool, the Empire Glassworks Cream Pie Pipe is a head turner. At only three inches across you can comfortably hold this cool glass pipe in your hand and will feel like you have the power of the pussy at your fingertips. Empire Glassworks geniusly crafted this hand blown pipe that is so detailed it will have you analyzing this piece further after just one hit. She might be small but she is mighty so do not underestimate how hard she rips!

Cool pipes under $50

Coral Reef Double Bowl Pipe

coral reef double bowl

Kick your small weed pipe game up a few notches and grab the Coral Reef Double Bowl Pipe, a six-inch beauty that features two bowls - the more space for weed, the better! This cool weed pipe for 420 will have you waking and baking two bowls at once and honestly that’s how everyday should be started. Hold this cool glass pipe comfortably in your hand and pack both of your bowls, this is the weed pipe you’ll be grabbing every time you want a quick celebratory hit.

Silicone Hobbit Pipe

silicone hobbit pipe

The weatherproof, break proof Silicone Hobbit Pipe is aweed pipe for sale that clumsy stoners dream of. This 9-inch silicone pipe is made of heat-safe silicone with a metal smoking bowl and ready for you to take with you on all of your 420 adventures. Even if you aren’t surrounded in Hobbit-like scenery, after a few hits you can imagine yourself wherever you’d like to be. This weed pipe hits hard and is virtually indestructible so enjoy for years to come.

Getta Grip Rasta Glass Pipe

getta grip rasta glass pipe

The Getta Grip Rasta Glass Pipe is a 4.5-inch that is perfect for on-the-go tokes and looks sleek delivering nothing but 420 vibes. Featuring red green and yellow rasta design, you’ll be getting nothing but Rastafarian energy! With a no slip grip, never worry about accidents and effortlessly smoke this cool glass pipe without a care in the world. Check out the Pink Getta Rasta Pipe if you want more of a sassy style!

Box Steamroller

box steamroller pipe

Looking for a super budget-friendly cool weed pipe? The Box Steamroller pipe has your back and then some. Even at 3.5 inches this pipe hits hard thus making it the perfect stash and go pipe no matter where you are. This steamroller style pipe will hit hard and has a flat bottom to avoid rolling. Available in four colors, pick your vibe and for $4.20 you can buy them all without breaking the bank!

No matter what you’re in the market for when looking for your next weed pipe, these cool pipes for 420 are tried and true just waiting on you! Splurge on a crazy pussy pipe or grab you and some friends a mini pipe that hits just as much as the next weed pipe. Don’t forget to snag some $4.20 420 store steals so you can set yourself and the homies up for a nice 420.

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