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netflix stoner shows
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Instead of wine or a bubble bath to relax, pot smokers often reach for their water bong and the remote to unwind after a long day. Watching a movie or series high can be a completely different experience. While the stereotype is that potheads like to watch comedies (we do by the way), every genre is great when baked out of your mind.

Best Netflix shows to watch high

While it may seem like during quarantine you’ve watched everything decent on all of your streaming services, think again. Netflix and other platforms are ramping up production and there are new releases weekly. Choose from one of these best stoner shows for a fun night in.

Best trippy shows to watch high

Behind Her Eyes

If you liked the popular book and movie, Girl on a Train, you’ll love Behind Her Eyes, especially if you watch it high. The series starts out following the story of Louise, a divorced single mother who begins having an affair with her boss, David. You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat all the way until the end with insane plot twists around every corner. Flashbacks help to piece together the backstory of the main characters, however the mix between reality and fantasy is what makes this show extra crazy. Grab a big blut for the season finale because you’ll be questioning what happened hours after it’s over.

Locke and Key

Following in the footsteps of the hit T.V. series Stranger Things, this Netflix show follows a group of children as they deal with their father’s sudden death and a move across the country to Massachusetts to the house where their father grew up. The kids begin exploring their new home and slowly learn more about their father’s mysterious upbringing and childhood friends. Locals are keeping secrets and something strange is happening here, but what is it?

Other trippy shows to watch high: Black Mirror, American Horror Story, Twilight Zone, Two Sentence Horror Stories

Best Netflix shows about marijuana

Cooked With Cannabis

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who likes to watch competitive cooking shows, then Cooked With Cannabis is what you’ve been missing. Each episode, three edible chefs create an infused three course meal with the hopes of impressing the judges and winning $10,000. Each dish not only tastes amazing, but carefully intertwines THC and CBD, and looks like something out of a fine dining restaurant. Some themes include backyard barbecue, a wedding party, a holiday menu, and international cuisine.


Highland is a short three episode docuseries that you can easily watch in one afternoon. The stoner show is a Netflix mini series that focuses on marijuana policies and culture in Thailand, where getting caught with even a tiny amount of pot is a severe crime that could get you a year in prison. It is very interesting to see how other parts of the world, particularly those with high numbers of international tourists are dealing with the shifting view on the green goddess. Very recently, the Thai government has passed partial legalization for medical marijuana and cannabis farming for beauty products.


Rotten illuminates the supply chain issues and those behind the scenes that are affected by high demand for some of the most common food and drinks around the world such as avocados, water, honey, chocolate, milk, garlic, and cod. While not entirely about marijuana, this docuseries has an eye-opening hour long episode that takes a deep dive into the rising market of weed edibles. Hear from chefs that own major edible brands, learn about the rules and regulations in place and what it means for consumers.

Other shows about pot: Disjointed, Murder Mountain, Cooking on High, Weeds

Netflix shows to watch stoned if you want a good laugh

Midnight Gospel

Light up and zone out to the colorful, psychedelic imagery of this animated series that was released on 4/20/2020, which kind of says it all. From the creators of Adventure Time, Midnight Gospel is a mind-melting adult cartoon that almost seems like a podcast. The show is set in another dimension and follows futuristic vlogger Clancy, who visits alternate universes to interview others about philosophical questions about spirituality, the meaning of life, and exploring levels of consciousness, with a sprinkle of humor thrown in the mix.

The Floor Is Lava

Remember when you played the floor is lava on the playground? This is the adult version and if you enjoy watching people face plant, slip from swinging chandeliers, and run into booby traps, The Floor is Lava will get you giggling uncontrollably. Filled with cringe worthy jokes from the hosts, this obstacle course game show challenges teams to get across a room filled with orange “lava” without wiping out in the process.

Other shows to watch on Netflix that will make you laugh: Big Mouth, That 70s Show, Trailer Park Boys

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