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As the cannabis market continues to grow, users are thrilled with an overflow of new cannabis products. Some might not even know where to begin, while many might get confused when seeing CBD with THC products and wonder why there is a mix of the two. There are some users that will need to know the difference between such products before buying in case anyone is trying to avoid THC for whatever reason. Here is what you need to know about CBD with THC products, what these products are good for and other helpful information to educate you on proper CBD consumption. 

What’s better for pain CBD or THC?

While both CBD and THC can be beneficial for pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, there are different opinions when it comes to what is better. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a great way to casually treat symptoms of pain without the psychoactive ingredient that makes a person feel high. THC, on the other hand, is arguably a faster-acting pain killer compared to CBD since the psychoactive effect will quickly resolve once consuming even just a little amount. Some say that it takes CBD about 45 minutes to one hour to kick in, whereas THC can take anywhere from an immediate reaction to 15 minutes tops. 

Neither CBD or THC is better than the other, they are just options that might help someone in need. Now, combining the two can be a perfect mix of both worlds but it is also important to know that most CBD products might have at least 0.3% THC content. Unless derived from a hemp plant that does not contain the marijuana compound, CBD products need to have a warning label that says it might contain trace amounts of THC. 

While technically this is true, there is no need to be paranoid about testing positive on a marijuana test if you are consuming CBD with trace amounts of THC. There is not enough THC for it to produce a psychoactive effect with such a little amount. However, it is essential to know the difference between CBD products with trace amounts of THC and 1:1 CBD to THC products.

What does 1:1 CBD THC do?

What is otherwise referred to as the golden ratio, 1:1 CBD THC products are when equal parts CBD is mixed with THC. What effects can one expect with a 1:1 CBD with THC dose? Users will most likely feel both a body and head high, but feel an even balance throughout. When THC hits your system, combined with CBD your body will feel more relaxed without being too couch heavy, and your mind will experience a nice head high without it being too severe. Yes, 1:1 CBD and THC products can be intense when overconsumed, so try to start off with one dose and go from there. For example, one or two drops of 1:1 CBD and THC oil, or a few puffs of 1:1 flower to evaluate how you feel. 

Although CBD is also used to counteract THC sometimes - for instance, if you smoked too much weed and need to come down from a bad high, CBD comes in handy in counteracting those psychoactive effects. But when combined into a 1:1 mixture, the product blends into one another and will not give any counteractive effects but provides a rather nice high instead.

Why use CBD with THC products?

It’s not necessary to use both CBD and THC, but some might not be aware of the magic that can happen when the two are mixed together. When manufacturing CBD with THC products, the process involves extracting the right amounts to get that perfect golden ratio. These products are used by those that need both CBD and THC benefits, whether to ease pain or for antioxidant reasons. 

Both provide great benefits and when mixed together you won’t need much to start feeling good. Some consider CBD with THC products to be more cost efficient because of the long lasting effects CBD with THC products has so not having to use as much. If you were to incorporate CBD and THC into your routine on your own, you would probably be spending double the amount in product if you bought CBD and THC separately. 

Best CBD with THC products

CBD with THC products provide an excellent balance of relaxation and recovery with the perfect mix of both CBD and THC benefits. You can find CBD with THC products at your local dispensary since it contains more than trace amounts of CBD and cannot be sold online. Remember, CBD with THC products intentionally has equal parts THC, versus CBD products that naturally have less than 0.3% trace amounts of THC so they are not the same or necessarily used by the same consumer. If you are unable to consume THC, feel free to check out some CBD online for CBD tinctures, capsules, and more.

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