Can You Be Allergic To Marijuana?

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can you be allergic to marijuana?
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Everyone should know what a blessing marijuana is and when used properly this medicinal plant can truly enhance your life in more ways than one. We all know that it is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, where someone would have to smoke a joint the size of a telephone pole all at once for an overdose to happen. However, in recent studies many are finding that there is in fact a marijuana allergy that can occur or develop within marijuana users and any cannabis user should be aware of all risks when consuming the good ole ganja. Here is what you need to know about marijuana allergies and know can you be allergic to marijuana. Let’s hope not but it’s good to know your limits!

Can you be allergic to marijuana?

Since cannabis is a plant there is always a risk of allergies that you might get a reaction from, although marijuana allergies are not very common or spoken about. There are various reasons to what can cause an allergy reaction to marijuana like:

  • Pollen produced from the cannabis plant
  • Mold or old weed consumption (inhale or through edibles)
  • Wearing hemp if the skin is sensitive and reacts when in contact with hemp material

As of now marijuana allergies are uncommon although there have been enough cases that have been reported to remind everyone of the risks taken when consuming cannabis or interacting with hemp in general.

Allergic reaction to marijuana

Marijuana allergy to pollen

Pollen produced from cannabis plants are no different than the pollen produced in other plants that can cause a reaction for allergy-prone individuals. Inhaling pollen from a hemp plant can cause a similar reaction to how hay fever would appear:

  • Itchy and runny nose
  • Itchy and watery, red eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Respiratory issues (trouble breathing)

Skin irritation from marijuana 

When interacting with marijuana like rolling a joint or even wearing hemp material, that can often trigger an allergic reaction when rubbing with sensitive skin. Most times it only takes a slight graze or small interaction with weed for a rash or hives to arrive, along with itching, redness, and dry skin occurs. If you are unsure of what an allergic reaction might look like, that is definitely an indication of having an allergic reaction to marijuana. Similar to if someone is allergic to lace or has sensitive skin in general, the person allergic to marijuana often knows the sensations of being allergic to materials and what to avoid. Pollen has many airborne opportunities which is harder to control, but if you are one of those that seem to be overly sensitive or allergic to many types of materials - it is best to avoid materials that you normally do not interact with and introduce yourself slowly if necessary. 

Marijuana edibles allergy

Ingesting marijuana seeds or edibles can cause the same type of allergic reaction one would have towards shellfish, maybe not as bad but you never know. Some symptoms of being allergic to marijuana edibles are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Extremely piercing red eyes
  • Respiratory issues (difficulty breathing)

What happens with marijuana is that when consumed, the CB1 receptors in our bodies are what reacts and delivers the response your body has when getting high. Sometimes you’ll get a great high and have a nice reaction with the weed strain smoked, or you could have a bad interaction with a particular strain of weed or just marijuana in general. 

Does marijuana make you allergic to other things?

You’ll have to consult your doctor if you are unsure of your marijuana allergies, but it is important to note that sometimes people might think they are having an allergic reaction but they are actually not. There is a slight difference in being allergic to marijuana or just having a bad reaction or looking similar to an allergy. Sometimes, marijuana in fact can heighten your sensitivity to other allergens which can make it confusing to know what the source of irritation is.

Sometimes, if you already have an existing allergy then marijuana can often interact with your current allergen and increase sensitivity of the existing allergies. Allergies to anything from almonds to eggplants have been connected to cross-react with marijuana so this is something to be aware of. The most important thing in tackling allergy issues is to pinpoint the source!

So can YOU be allergic to marijuana?

If you have any ongoing difficulties with identifying whether you are allergic to marijuana or not, please consult your physician or a healthcare professional to understand the difference between allergic reactions and what is a sensitized reaction (stimulating an allergy to other antigens) so you can figure out the best treatment for you. Many times, most of us smoke and get very red-eyed, coughing with dry mouth or just getting straight messed up with an edible that causes nausea. You never know how weed will hit you so it is best to consume in doses until you figure out what is the best strain and method of consumption for you. Once you find out can you be allergic to marijuana and get that out of the way, make sure to grab a few items and buy online from the $4.20 store to celebrate! Pending your allergy results, of course but you can still plan ahead.

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