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Funniest 420 Tik Toks of All Time

May 10, 2021 3 min read

Phone with Tik Tok app

The 420 community is taking Tik Tok by storm and carving out a special place to showcase their niche. The social media platform is not just for showing off dance moves, everyone can find their tribe and that goes for stoners as well. Tons of marijuana influencers have moved to Tik Tok and are creating exciting new content that their pot-smoking followers can’t get enough of. If you want to keep seeing 420 Tik Tok content pop up on your fee, follow one of these popular hashtags for stoners, #stonertiktok (207.2M views), #stonertok (99.3M views), #420 (4.8B views), #420vibes (266.9M views), and #710 (267.2M views). These are just a few of our favorite funny 420 Tik Toks that will give you a mood boost and the giggles. Don’t forget to pack a bowl and take a few giant hits from your water bong before watching.


good looks🍃 #fyp #foryou #viral #420

♬ Triple S - YN Jay & Louie Ray

Most stoners have that one friend who’s so involved in the 420 lifestyle and is always just dying to give others a taste of the good life. Kane Trujillo, known as @neumane doesn’t typically do 420 Tik Tok content, but this video was on point and with 18.7 million views, I think the Tik Tok community agrees.


We had to turn this into that trend. 🤣🤣 #thewalk #goingforadrive #hotboxing #hotboxchallenge #hotboxthecar

♬ Hope (feat. Faith Evans) - Twista

The @potsmokingmoms account creates hilarious videos that are extremely relatable even if you aren’t a mother. While many people don’t want to accept it, there are many parents that smoke pot or use cannabis in other ways. The account has accumulated over 145 thousand followers on Tik Tok, which attests that others can connect with them and relate to their struggles like having to sneak off to the car to take a hit when no one’s looking.


Wait till the end 💀. #ShadowAndBone #fyp #dabrig #wax #tent #stonertok🍃🥱 #hotbox #stonrtok🍃 #funny #secondhandembarrassment #🍃 #weeds

♬ Gnarls Barkley Crazy Stephen Kramer Glickman - Gustavo Rocque

We’ve all been here. We think we’re being sneaky and no one will know that we’re taking a giant bong rip, but literally everyone is watching you. As always, if you want to pee yourself laughing, head to the comments because these are golden. Here are just a few of the best ones: “Batman signal but for stoners”, “It’s the POT-ness monster”, “Please why does it look like ET?”, and “Just tell your parents it’s a microscope for science.”



♬ A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

@ayyyonikki creates some of the funniest 420 Tik Toks using trends and trending sounds but making them pothead approved. She has nearly 182 thousand followers on the platform and has no problem making fun of herself and the 420 community or filming videos blazed out of her mind. Her entire account revolves around her marijuana habit This stoner Tik Tok account is as authentic as it gets and she obviously has a passion for all things Mary Jane.


“do you think about me? 😏” my brain literally all day: #fyp #foryou #ouidtok #stonertok

♬ original sound - Hannah Lee Carman

We had to include another Tik Tok from @ayyyonikki because this one had us dying of laughter. A mom originally uploaded this sound of her son with the caption “leave him alone with his dad for 5 minutes…” So many Tiktokers have used this sound to talk about that little voice in their heads that’s always calling for the sticky icky.


I CANT MAKE THIS UP 😂😂 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #comedy #funny #viral

♬ original sound - evictonnotice

Edibles are one of those things that most stoners have a love hate relationship with. One day you have an amazing high that kicks in after 45 minutes like it’s supposed to and the next you’re stoned out of your mind in line at the grocery store and completely forgot about the edible you ate 2 hours ago. We’ve all been there and @princessturbo found a Tik Tok sound that explains this perfectly.

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