Best Thanksgiving Movies To Watch Baked

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best thanksgiving movies stoned
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Thanksgiving or might I say Danksgiving is around the corner and there is no better time than to prepare for the day’s post eating activities. With a packed plate and a full belly, the last thing anyone wants to do is move around. So why not smoke a joint and have a movie marathon? You don’t need munchies for this since Thanksgiving food speaks for itself, all you need is your best weed and your TV! Here’s a curated list of the best Thanksgiving movies to watch baked.

Best Thanksgiving Movies To Watch High

Addams Family Values

Addams family values

Although Halloween has passed and the Addams family are known for their gothic and less than cheerful holiday spirit, Addams Family Values is a great movie for stoners to watch and unwind to after a big Thanksgiving meal. Essentially, the Addams Family starts to experience turmoil in the family after a woman tries to seduce a family member and kill him for his money. There’s a part in the movie where Wednesday has to play Pocahontas in a production at summer camp and takes an epic spin on the original script. You’ll definitely want to light up a few times throughout this Thanksgiving movie so you can really enjoy all it has to offer, there is so much twisted humor that’s too good to miss.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving

garfield thanksgiving

A 1989 American classic, Garfield’s Thanksgiving is from the infamous television show and comic strip and sets all of the Thanksgiving vibes. Garfield thinks Thanksgiving is about eating as much as possible because of “tradition”, but he gets an unwanted surprise by the veterinarian that thinks otherwise. A cute and traditional show to put on after dinner, every stoner needs to step it up a notch with a few bong rips to set the tone. I mean how else should you properly enjoy an animated cat cartoon if you are not blazed out of your mind, and doesn’t Garfield always look stoned himself?

The Blind Side

blind side movie

If you are ready for a tear jerker and want a feel good wholesome Thanksgiving movie, The Blind Side is always a must-see around the holidays. Inspired by a true story and starring the amazing Sandra Bullock, taking a few dabs before watching this couldn’t hurt. It is funny and light-hearted but touches on very serious subjects that are all too relevant today. Nonetheless it is a great Thanksgiving movie to have in your holidays rotation and really appreciate the family and life you have.

Stuart Little

stuart little

If you weren’t inspired to own a little red car or a mouse as a kid after watching Stuart Little, take an edible as an adult before watching this movie and you’ll feel like you are Stuart Little yourself buzzing around town in a lil red whip. This is a great Thanksgiving movie with a lot of feel good moments and lessons that you remember learning as a child, but are always helpful to be reminded of today. Sometimes misfits were meant for a more interesting path and as a stoner we are sure to relate to that on a deeper level. Pop that edible in an hour before starting this flick and you’ll feel it at the right time!

Funny People

funny people

Adam Sandler is always finding a way into our homes during the holidays and Funny People is a good one to start off with if you decide to have a movie marathon of his films. Sandler plays a comedian turned actor who finds out he is ill and does not have a good chance of a positive response to treatment. He meets another up and coming comedian who build a friendship together and navigate the unpredictable journey of trying to find themselves. This movie does have some sad moments but nothing a good bong rip can’t fix. You’ll want to smoke a good sativa strain during this Thanksgiving movie. Get ready to feel inspired to seize the day and do all of the things you feel obligated to do before your time is up.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


Can you believe the Anchorman series is sixteen years old!? Where has the time gone? A hilarious depiction of a news station environment, Will Ferrell stars in a 1970’s based film which really adds some flare and fun to the movie itself. Ron Burgundy works alongside his childhood friends and all is well until he is forced to work with a new co-anchor who he successfully seduces but then turns into enemies off-air. There are jam-packed celebrities like Christina Applegate and David Koechner. It goes without saying that you must smoke a few joints watching this and obviously Anchorman 2 needs to be put on immediately after!

The Brady Bunch movies

brady bunch

Another holiday classic series turned films, The Brady Bunch has a few movies that would be very worthwhile to take an edible and just see where the journey takes you. The Brady Bunch always gives such nostalgia but there’s so many things your high self will start recalling and can’t stop laughing about. For instance, remember the time Alice the housekeeper accidentally put shrooms in the spaghetti and took a very long trip to the depths of her high mind? We intentionally want to be Alice every weekend, and especially on Thanksgiving. 

We hope this holiday season has everyone safe and indoors with full bellies and a Thanksgiving movie lineup that anyone will enjoy paired with a nice blunt in hand. Pro tip: smoke a joint post Thanksgiving feast but before dessert so you can pace yourself, make room for more food and enjoy it to the fullest! Happy Danksgiving! 

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