Best Small Glass Bongs Under $50

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small glass bongs

Everyone has their beloved glass bongs that are in their daily or weekly rotation. Lighting up a bowl in your favorite glass bong literally sparks joy in a stoner’s heart and at EF420 we are all about spreading the cannabis cheer! The question is, do you have a glass mini bong by your bedside? If the answer is no, please continue reading because you are missing out on the fun-sized wake and bake sessions to be had. Here is a list of the best small glass bongs under $50 so you can set yourself up to sit and smoke without making it a huge production!

Best Small Glass Bongs that Won't Break the Bank

Captains Glass Mini Bubbler

captains glass mini bong

The Captains Glass Mini Bubbler bong is a four-inch masterpiece that will sit perfectly on any shelf looking like fancy decor. This glass mini bong has a deep bowl and angled mouthpiece for an easy smoking experience, and the deep blue color of this glass bubbler will have you in a trance after just a few tokes. Do not underestimate the Captains abilities, he may be small but he is packing!

Mini Skull Bubbler

mini skull bubbler

The Mini Skull Bubbler doesn’t need much of an introduction, just by looking at it you’ll know that this thing HITS. A seven-inch setup has this mini glass bong looking like you are brewing something up and inhaling all of its goodness. Made of clear and high quality borosilicate glass, watch the smoke fill up the skull bong before inhaling the smoke like you are sucking someone’s soul. This wouldn’t normally be a great glass bubbler  for festive holidays, but really skulls are fashionable all year long. It also fits extra nicely near your bed so it can watch over you while you sleep. If you get high enough it’s not creepy at all!

Single Disk Perc Mini Bong

single disk perc mini bong

If you want a simple and straight up mini glass bong, check out the Single Disk Perc Mini Bong, standing at 5.5 inches tall but packing a powerful punch. Reviewers rave about this being a “great small everyday bong”, and we have to agree considering there is a percolator in this small bad boy! Disk percolators are some of the most powerful percs you can find in a glass percolator bong setup, creating massive bubbles no matter how big or small the bong may be. This small glass bong for sale is an essential when trying to maximize your high while working with a small budget. 

High Times Mini Bong

high times mini bong

Looking for something similar to the Single Mini Perc but wanting a little more length in bong size? The High Times Mini Bong is six inches high and consists of a showerhead percolator to really filter each hit to be smooth and sensational. The clear funnel-shaped smoking bowl with a handle makes it easy to handle with no gimmicks and crazy extras. To minimize the mess, stoners can rely on the splash guard that keeps everything clean and stress free of spills. When not in use, this cool glass bong can sit on your dresser and double up as a flower vase if you don’t mind a slightly slanted angle! An abstract and multi-purposeful vase at its finest.

Wavy Mini Bong

wavy mini bong

If you are not much of a fan for the transparent bongs, the Wavy Mini Bong might be more your vibe. At 6.5 inches tall, this small glass water bong also comes with a large bowl to jam pack your best strains of Mary Jane. Available in three colors, you have options of how you’d like to get wavy! For under $50, this cool mini bong will get you as high as the monster pieces that are way above budget. Remember, at EF420 you can ball out on a small budget without compromising quality!

There are many kinds of bongs out there that promise to deliver a crazy high with all the tricks and extra features our stoner minds can dream of. But sometimes none of that is necessary, and small bongs do the job as well as a huge glass piece could. Being mindful of your budget and size constraints doesn’t mean you have to cut out the quality of your bong. The next time you are needing a smaller setup or shopping around for the perfect holiday gift without breaking the bank, make sure to buy cheap glass bongs for sale at the Everything for 420 online headshop, and get the best of the best for a decent buck!

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