Best Stoner Hacks III

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lemon stoner hacks

What better way to kick off summer solstice than to give you another list of best stoner hacks! Life hacks, in general, are essential and a true stoner will always appreciate a nice hack that saves your smoke sesh every once in a while. Try a few of these on this list for summer and you’ll never be looking at Mary Jane the same! 

Store your marijuana with orange or mint

Summer 2020 is a bit different from COVID-19 but we can still celebrate and promote nice summer vibes by livening up your marijuana stash! If you place an orange peel or mint leaves in your ganja stash, this will add some flavor to your bud and also keep it from drying out with the warmer heat approaching. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and curate your own blend of aromas to enhance your stash!

Use frozen fruit in bong water

To kick it up another notch, you can also elevate your trip to flavor town by adding frozen fruit to your bong water. Not only will this cool your hits, but you’ll also get fresh and delightful flavors that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done this before. Experiment with frozen strawberries, mangos, or lychee! The options are endless.

Stash pipe

There are so many innovative devices on the market today, yet some are a bit out of budget for most of us. Low and behold, this stash pipe is multifunctional and an excellent space-saving solution. This stash pipe holds your ganja and you can light up at the same time. Pro tip: glue a little magnet on the stash pipe and the other side of the magnet to a mini lighter so you’re always prepared!

Stoner survival kit

If you always like to be prepared, you’ll love this hack if you haven’t already done it. A stoner survival kit is a must because it organizes all of your smoking essentials to be in one place and easily accessible. From choosing the proper stash box to including rolling papers and eye drops, check out what you need to make your own stoner survival kit.

French inhale to avoid coughing

A lot of times we will inhale a good bong rip and cannot stop coughing. To avoid this, try to french inhale to cool the smoke about to hit your throat by holding it in your mouth. Even if you are not the best at doing smoke tricks, give this one a try and see if it works! It might take you a few tries at first but practice makes perfect, right?

Roach clips

If you have your summer stiletto nails on and having a hard time holding joints, or if you hate holding joints in general - roach clips are for you! There are so many on the market and for a fairly affordable price, so buy a few for you and your friends to test out and see what type of roach clip works best for you. 

DIY clean your bong

If you are a forgetful stoner and forgot to order more bong cleaner, give this little DIY bong cleaner solution a go. Mix rubbing alcohol with kosher (or other coarse) salt and place the solution in storage bags. Clean your bowl and downstem in the storage bags, and then pour the remaining solution into the bong and mix so the coarse salt scrubs the resin. You most likely already have these ingredients in your home so there’s no excuse when it comes to keeping your bong clean.

Decarb your cannabis

In recent years there have been more scientific studies regarding the best ways to consuming marijuana and the chemical breakdown of strains. Decarboxylation converts cannabis to its active form, and this can then be used to smoke or infuse into oils and foods. , Many users have described the high as much more potent and using a significant amount of marijuana as compared to when using it in its normal flower form. Do more research to see which decarboxylation devices would work best for your needs but don’t be surprised if you get inspired to become a cannabis chef and level up your ganja game. 

With so many stoner hacks out there it was hard to choose but this list is helpful regardless of the season. Feel free to use this list as a base and build on it, we love to see stoners get creative! What other stoner hacks have you found useful that we haven’t featured on this list? Share below!

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