Stoner Survival Kit

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Every stoner has been there when they’d like to smoke but are missing essential items when trying to light up. After all, the best type of stoner is a prepared one! To avoid these rookie mistakes we’ve gathered up a list for you to create your very own stoner kit. Feel free to add in any other items you consider essential to your smoke sessions but here are the most necessary that should be in your ganja goodie bag at all times. 


Of course, this is a given, but if you don’t have Mary Jane then you really can’t do much else with the other parts of your stoner survival kit. A true stoner makes sure he or she has at least a few nugs at all times so keep track of how much you are consuming and plan accordingly. You can store your loose green in a weed stash box to stay extra organized.

Weed stash box

If you ask a fellow smoker how they store their cannabis, chances are they have some sort of special container that has a nickname and all. A stash box, weed bag, or whatever you call it is very useful when keeping your smoke supplies in one place and also discreet. Try a smell-proof option like the Revelry Stowaway Bag that will hold all of your items while containing any marijuana odor.

Rolling papers and tips

As a joint smoker, it is essential to have rolling papers on you at all times. Make sure you buy in bulk so you can thank yourself later for saving yourself the time and energy. Tips also known as filters or crutches are an essential part of rolling a perfect joint. If you want to go a step further, try an all-in-one rolling kit that has a built-in grinder and space to hold your stash!


Some of you are masters of breaking up your bud by hand or using a pair of scissors, but for the finest flower grinders are widely available and extremely affordable. Weed grinders are very important when preparing weed as it will help you pack your joint or bowl with more precision for a smoother toke. Try a grinder with a kief catcher to  get the most out of your weed since kief is highly concentrated. 


We can’t stress this enough: carry more than one lighter on you at all times. There is absolutely nothing worse than going to light up a joint and realizing that you’ve lost your lighter. Save yourself from future headache by purchasing a three-pack lighter bundle.


There are so many options for weed pipes these days. Little pipes to more extravagant pieces are all available, but for this stoner survival kit, let’s keep it simple. Try a silicone pipe with a convenient cover so you can hit it real quick, pack it back in your bag and move along your way. Having a travel-friendly pipe with you will save you a lot of time and effort if you’d like to take a quick hit rather than prepare a joint or blunt. Silicone pipes give you ease of mind knowing you won’t be at risk of breaking your piece, plus they are so cheap you can buy as many of these affordable pipes as you want!

Vape Pen

For the times you are unable to smoke your flower but need a quick fix, vape pens are a great choice for the discreet sesh. The best vape pens will have you getting secretly lit and stash away when you’re finished!

Eye drops, mints, perfume

A stoner survival kit would not be complete without eye drops, mints, and perfume. These three items are essential to you looking, smelling, and feeling your best post-smoke sesh. Put some eye drops in beforehand, so you never have to deal with the red and glazed eyes, and some mints and perfume right after you smoke and give yourself a few minutes to air out your perfume.

There are many things that a stoner can be called but being underprepared should not be one of them. The next time your friends ask if you’re ready to toke, you’ll be able to impress everyone with your very own stoner survival kit and encourage them to make one too! What else would you consider essential to your stoner survival kit?

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