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best weed scales
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Some might believe that only weed dealers and dispensaries own scales, but on the contrary every stoner should aim to own a weed scale. For many reasons, scales are nice to have as it provides accuracy and gives weed handlers an idea of exactly how much weed they are working with. Scales for weed can also be used for other things, but the best are those that can read smaller weight amounts - some can read as little weight as 0.01 grams! Here are the best scales for weed that you can quickly add to cart and never feel bamboozled the next time your cousin runs to the dispensary for you and your package is feeling a little light.

How to use a digital gram scale

You will want to follow the directions that come with each weed scale, but essentially you’ll want to make sure the scale is at zero and reset every single time. If for some reason you need to weigh your weed with another item, make sure to factor in the item’s weight by separately weighing out the item and subtracting that with the additional weed you are trying to weigh. 

In these simple steps, here’s how to use a digital gram scale:

  1. Power on digital scale - Confirm the scale is set to zero prior to placing any material on the scale.
  2. Place weed on scale - Carefully place the desired amount of weed onto the scale to weigh. Consider weighing smaller amounts depending on how big your weed scale is to ensure the best accuracy.
  3. Remove weighed material - Clear the scale of any weed material and make sure the surface is cleaned and set to zero prior to turning off the device.

Many times you’ll want to confirm the weight and that’s perfectly normal! Ensuring you are accurately weighing your weed by double checking is a best practice that is encouraged. 

Best Scales for Weed

The best scales for weed are normally digital due to its simplicity and accuracy when reading the weight. If you can imagine stoners having to rely on their ability to properly read an analog scale after smoking a few bowls, it is a major hit or miss when it comes to a correct read. Digital scales take out all the trouble of misreading and give better accuracy anyway. From mini weed scales to large scales for weed, here are the best picks for weed scales that occasional users to everyday users can get good use out of.

Fast Weight Fuzion Digital Mini Scale

Fast Weight Fuzion Digital Mini Scale

The Fast Weight Fuzion Digital Mini Scale is the perfect travel companion whenever you need to weigh your weed on the go. This mini digital scale has a 500 gram capacity with a .1 gram readability for the smallest of batches! Need to weigh out in other units? Try oz, gn, ct, dwt, and ozt if you ever find yourself needing those settings. You might not be able to fit a full ounce on this mini digital scale but you can try! There is a 180-second auto turn off in case you forget to shut it down, plus a 10-year manufacturer warranty!? This is a ride or die scale that’s in it with you for the long haul. For only $4.20 can you seriously go wrong with a scale like this?

Jennings HP-200X Digital Pocket Scale

Jennings HP-200X Digital Pocket Scale

The Jennings HP-200X Digital Pocket Scale will cost you more than the average mini scale but it is well worth it. This pocket scale is only five inches with a 200 gram capacity and .1 gram readability. With different weighing modes (g, oz, gn, ct) it is incredibly simple to weigh whatever you need. The large digital display makes it easy to read and when you’re finished you can close it up and slip back into your pocket! This pocket scale is a great companion for whenever you’re in a bind and need to weigh out your weed on the fly.

Best weed scales

You don’t need a heavy duty scale to weigh out your weed, all you need is a good minid digital scale that you can keep on hand whenever! Smaller digital scales are the most convenient, too. Remember, the best scales for weed will read at least .1 gram readability so you can weigh out even the smallest of nugs. If you’re needing a digital scale that’s probably not the only thing you need to get for your weed collection. Don’t forget to check out other  smoking accessories for any other stoner needs. You should always restock on supplies before you run out!  

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