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If you are all about the dabs and prefer concentrates over flower, it’s key to know the best way to heat up your concentrates to maximize your hit for the ultimate high. Dab nails, also called concentrate nails, are used to heat and activate cannabis concentrates for a robust flavor and vapor. There are many dab nail types including electric dab nails, quartz, glass, ceramic and titanium dab nails; however, dabbing connoisseurs agree that quartz nails are one of the best materials to preserve the flavor of your concentrates. Quartz bangers are dab nails featuring a bucket shape to hold concentrates that are  used with water pipes to convert your concentrates into vapor.  Here’s a guide to the best quartz bangers and why it’s a must to have in your collection!

Why quartz bangers?

As mentioned, there are many different dab nail types but quartz is one of the most popular materials overall. Glass and ceramic nails hold heat for longer, but take the longest to heat up and are prone to heat stress, while quartz bangers are much more heat resistant. Although titanium is virtually indestructible and has superior heat retention than quartz, it takes longer to heat up and isn’t food grade, making quartz or electric dab nails the best options on the market if you prioritize safety and convenience. Quartz is medical grade, can heat up in about 5-10 seconds (the least amount of time compared to alternatives) and is most suitable for sticky concentrates as long as they are not porous . You’ll get the most out of each dab compared to other concentrate nails like ceramic or lower quality glass which can break much more easily so now you just have to figure out whether a male or female banger is the match for your rig!

Male or female quartz bangers?

You’ll need to know if your rig takes a male or female banger. Male bangers go inside a female-jointed water pipe, and female bangers go on top and around male joints of a water pipe. Some prefer one over the other but it really depends on your dab rig setup so make sure to know the difference between male and female along with compatible sizing with your water pipe.

4mm 45-degree male quartz banger

male quartz banger

You don’t have to break the bank and dip into your bud budget to put together a nice dab rig setup! Especially with the 4mm 45-degree male quartz banger, for $4.20 you can get a few just for fun. This quartz banger is designed for maximum efficiency and low-temperature dabs with its high insulation and heat retention. With a 45-degree angle, this male quartz banger is perfect for casual dabbing. Available in 14mm and 18mm thickness, it’s easy to clean too!

4mm 90-degree female quartz banger

female quartz banger

The 4mm 90-degree female quartz banger is another cost-efficient option without sacrificing quality. Made for your male water pipe accessories, the 4mm glass thickness will slowly heat your dabs at a low temperature and bake your goods properly. At a 90-degree angle, it is easy to take dabs from this female quartz banger and even easier to maintain too!

4mm 90-degree male quartz banger

male quartz banger

If you have female water pipe accessories, the 4mm 90-degree male quartz banger will be your new favorite! Available in 14mm and 18mm male joints this male quartz banger is the best at retaining heat, getting the best out of your dabs, and for an unbeatable price! You won’t have to worry about breaking your bangers thanks to the durability of quartz material and the amazing price of $4.20.

90-degree Thermal Quartz Banger

thermal quartz banger

A little more expensive than the previous quartz bangers but this one is worth the extra coin. The 90-degree Thermal Quartz Banger is a piece you’ll probably want to use the most with an inner chamber that heats concentrates at the right temperature and holds the heat for the best hits. The inner layer of the chamber also helps to keep residue out of your piece since we love clean hits only! Available in both 14mm and 18mm male and female joints, this piece is everything you expect out of a quartz banger and more.

Triple Honeycomb Straight Tube Dab Rig

straight tube dab rig

If you need a new dab rig altogether, try the Triple Honeycomb Straight Tube Dab Rig that has a 14mm female quartz banger included. For under $60 you’ll get a 10-inch water pipe that filters each hit with three honeycomb percolators for the ultimate smooth, smoking experience. If you like cold hits to balance out your heated dabs, the ice catcher will come in handy. This cheap dab rig will definitely help you get to cloud nine!

Concentrate nails are essential to any dab session and quartz bangers make a huge difference in the quality of each hit by bringing out the full flavor of your concentrates. At EF420 you can grab the best quartz bangers without breaking the bank. Now, who’s ready for 710!?!

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