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With cannabidiol (CBD) being totally legal, you can now choose to enjoy the cannabis compound at home or out in public in a CBD café. Cafés and restaurants that offer CBD options on their menu are becoming more and more popular, even in states that have not legalized pot just yet. Many people make CBD part of their lifestyle for health reasons, but some also just want to feel relaxed. Jump on the CBD trend for a healthy dose of cannabinoids from one of the best CBD cafés.

Best CBD cafés

Wake-N-Bakery - Chicago, IL

This funky coffee shop on North Broadway in Chicago offers Delta-8 THC and CBD snacks, baked goods, and drinks. Owners Mohamed Lotfy and Brianna Banks built this CBD café to normalize hemp in everyday life. Open to anyone aged 21 and over, Wake-N-Bakery cooks up everything in house and prides itself on using local dairy in addition to local, fair trade coffee and tea. The graffitied exterior invites a diverse crowd of cannabis lovers getting their morning CBD coffee or a slice of infused cake after work. In the glass case, you’ll find a rotating selection of CBD and THC edibles like scones, cookies, cakes, and pot brownies, but don’t forget to order a fresh squeezed lemonade, special latte, or tea served naked, with CBD or with Delta-8 THC.

​​Rodkeys Coffee + CBD - San Antonio, TX

Texas isn’t normally high on the list of cannabis-friendly states, but Rodkeys Coffee + CBD is trying to change that stereotype. Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, this cool CBD café also sells high-quality CBD products such as CBD oil, tinctures, CBD coffee beans, and even CBD pet treats. The interior has a sophisticated leather, wood, and metal style that’s great for getting some work done. All drinks on the menu can be dosed with 10mg of CBD for an extra $3, plus they offer a hemp milk alternative and vegan pastries.

Caffeine Underground - Brooklyn, NY

If you’re a lover of independent musicians, art, and cannabis, Caffeine Underground should be your next stop. Situated in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, you never know what you’ll get at this quaint CBD café. Check out their event calendar that’s filled with film screenings, open mic nights, djs, live music, social meetups, martial art and tai chi classes, tarot card readings, and more! The coffee shop is best known for the “trippin’ tea” made with kava, yerba mate, and CBD coffee. If you get the munchies, try the CBD jam on a bagel or toast or the popular grilled cheese sandwich.

Harlow Cafe + Juice Bar - Portland, OR

For a meatless brunch and a CBD smoothie, head to the elegant Harlow Cafe + Juice Bar on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. Decked out in a vintage wooden decor, this trendy restaurant gives customers the option to add 33 mg of CBD to any smoothie, juice, or elixir on their menu. In the winter, warm up with the lavender CBD steamer or choose a scoop of CBD ice cream in the warmer months. Whether enjoying a drink or a dish off the menu, all ingredients are locally sourced, 100% gluten free, and either vegan or vegetarian.

Cannabis Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

Unlike the other CBD ​​cafés on this list, the Cannabis Cafe in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles is the first of its kind. Here, customers can indulge in any cannabis product of their choice including CBD, dry herb, and dabs (oh the privileges of legal pot). Once sitting down, you’ll receive two menus, one for cannabis and one for food. They serve the usual tacos, burgers, salads, and chicken sandwiches with the option to add 25mg of sativa or indica derived THC to any dish. For dessert try the THC or CBD honey sticks and wash it down with California Dreamin Natural Sparkling Juices infused with 4 mg of CBD. For a $30 tokage fee per person, you can bring in your own smokables, however the extensive cannabis menu includes pre-rolls, fresh flower, concentrates, and pre-rolled blunts. This pricy CBD ​​café may not be the place for your daily CBD coffee, but it is a unique experience that every cannabis enthusiast should try at least once.

Gron Cafe + CBD Tasting Room - Portland, OR

Gron is a high-end CBD brand with a huge selection of CBD products including their signature CBD drinking chocolate. The CBD ​​café and tasting room gives cannabis connoisseurs in Portland the opportunity to sample or purchase any of the Gron products. Pack your laptop and order up a CBD coffee, infused tea, or drinking chocolate before settling in to get some work done in the bright and airy seating area.

CBD Café & Kava Bar - Jacksonville, FL

If you’re not paying attention, you might just whizz past the CBD Café & Kava Bar located in an unassuming strip mall in the Southwood neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. The small ​​café serves hot and cold drinks with the option to add various boosters including a single or double shot of CBD, kava extract, ashwagandha, B12, or collagen. Some of their most popular drinks are the peanut butter mocha frappe, cold brew teas, mocktails, and slushies. Visitors can also purchase CBD products from the shop or stay for live music and other events held at the ​​café.

Other CBD cafés to try

  • ​​Vittles Cafe - Brooklyn, NY
  • Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea - Multiple locations
  • Cha Cha Matcha - Multiple locations
  • La Luna Cafe - Portland, OR

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