Crash Course on Using a Nectar Collector

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History of, how to, and why you should try using a nectar collector

Since a lot of positive, pro-marijuana legislation has passed in recent years here in the US, some things once considered “underground” in the realm of ingesting THC or other cannabinoids has become mainstream. Prior to legalizing weed, at least in some states, people were making butter for baking on their stovetops or “figuring out” how to create DIY concentrates for consumption. Today, there’s a myriad of varieties legally on the market and fun ways to smoke these potent treats like, for example, the nectar collector.

This nectar collector has been around for a few years however, it’s just recently become a mainstream way to enjoy dabs. We’re going to take a quick look at where it came from then dive into how to use one, which some find to be preferable to a regular dab rig.

The nectar collector history quickie

This unique device for smoking dabs originated from a less formal design of a vertical smoking tool conceived Jefe Zobell of Nectar Collector® who would forward the idea to glass engineer, Kristian Merwin. The Nectar Collector guys were basically screwing around with random shit they purchased from a chemistry supply shop until some months later, Kristian figured out how to actually build it. In 2014, the device became a hit during the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle and, long story short, the world now has nectar collectors.

The ‘why’ & ‘how’ of the nectar collector

The premise of the device is quite simple. The nectar collector:

  • Is a vertical design
  • Offers more portability than most rigs
  • Allows you to precisely control your dabbing intake

Pictured above is one of our current sets from the time this blog was published called the Hydro Quartz Nectar Collector. Since most are similar in design, we'll walk through all the bits that form this tool from top to bottom:

  • This is the water chamber, which is basically like the base (or some other reservoir) for your bong.
  • Next is the glass straw that acts as the mouthpiece.
  • The metal piece is a titanium tip – equivalent to a dabbing nail – which touches the dabs you’ll smoke after it’s heated.
  • In this set, there’s a quartz tip as well, serving the same purpose as its titanium counterpart.
  • The glass dish on the right is where you’ll put your dabs. You can also use heat-resistant silicone mats, if you prefer.

Basically, once you put the whole thing together, you have a construction much like a bong. Water goes in the water chamber, where it shouldn’t spill however, you probably shouldn’t lay it on it’s side or toss it to one of your friend’s when it’s their turn to hit it. Though this particular set doesn’t include a keck clip, you may want to pick one up as they're especially useful in keeping tips securely in place, especially when using a quartz tip.

With either tip, you’ll heat until it’s red hot, give it short bit to cool, then move it around your concentrates scatter about the dish. You’ll want to inhale during this process, or you’ll just burn the dabs and look like a total nerd.

Final thoughts

If you like fun smoking devices, we offer better deals on these devices than the competition. Keep in mind, even if you’re an avid dabber, it will take some getting used to as far as technique is concerned in addition to the proper waiting times to acheive the perfect temperature.

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