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5 Cool Homemade Smoking Bowl Ideas

September 15, 2021 5 min read

homemade smoking bowls

One of the worst feelings as a stoner is to have all the weed...but not all of the supplies. That moment where you just prepped a bowl and don’t have a lighter is definitely one of the worst, but first runner up is not having a bowl to smoke out of! Good news is, it is easier to create a homemade smoking bowl than it is to find a way to light that bowl up. And what better way to spark some inspiration and creativity into a stoner by embarking on a makeshift scavenger hunt to solve the problem. Here are five cool homemade smoking bowl ideas to get you out of a “dude, where’s my bong” moment to happily smoking your well deserved homemade masterpiece.

Fruit as a homemade pipe

It is recommended to start with an apple, as it is probably the most common fruit on hand as well as the easiest to work with since it is sturdier than a banana or any other fruit you’d like to graduate to when you get the hang of the process. 

Here’s the breakdown of how to make an apple pipe:

  1. Take a ripe apple that is strong enough to be smoked out and can handle all of that heat.
  2. Poke a hole with a pencil or similar object (metal straw etc.) from the middle top of the apple (where the stem is located) towards the middle. Make sure to only poke a hole to the middle as this will be the bowl you light up.
  3. Create a perpendicular hole with your poking device from the side middle of the apple to where it meets the end of the first hole you poked. This should create an L shape that will feed the weed from one poked hole to the next, the exact process a manufactured weed pipe would do. This is the hole that you will be inhaling out of.
  4. Clear the pathway of the poked holes by blowing through each hole. This will help clear your pull later on so make sure not to skip this step!
  5. The last hole you want to make is on the other side of the apple and this will be where you place your finger to control the airflow of your homemade smoking bowl.
  6. Finish your homemade smoking bowl by taking a blade and expanding your first hole. This will hold your weed so make it as big as you wish.
  7. Fill your bowl up and get to toking!

Steamroller smoking bowl

Probably one of the easiest homemade smoking bowl ideas to date, a steamroller smoking bowl can be made from any toilet paper or paper towel roll you have on hand. A steamroller is made possible by covering one end of the roll and inhaling out of the other. Here is how you create a cool homemade smoking bowl from a paper roll:

  1. Take the paper roll and make a hole from a quarter of the way from one end of the roll. This is where your bowl will be. 
  2. Use aluminum foil to create a bowl by taking a piece of foil and cupping it into the shape and size that you wish your bowl to be.
  3. Take a pin needle or something of similar size and poke tiny holes into the aluminum foil so that when lighting your weed, the smoke will filter through the paper roll.
  4. Your cool homemade steamroller is ready to be smoked out of! Toke out of the end that is further away from the bowl so that there is a lot of room to let that smoke fill up.

Candy Pipe 

Even if you have a pipe on hand, you’ll definitely want to make a homemade candy smoking bowl at some point in your stoner life. It is as sweet as it sounds! Soft candy that is easily moldable is recommended, and the most popular candy pipe to make is out of starbursts so grab some from your nearest convenient store and get to creating! Here’s how to make a candy pipe:

  1. Take your candy of choice and remove the wrapping from each one. Poke a hole in the middle.
  2. Mold together each piece of candy by squishing it together and allowing the sugar to melt into one another, similarly acting as glue. The poked holes should line up and act as the pathway for the smoke to travel to your mouth. Create into the shape of a pipe, so a rectangle shape. 
  3. Create a bowl with a few pieces of the candy and mold onto one end of the pipe you just shaped. 
  4. Take a pen or similar poking device and poke a hole into the bowl and halfway through the rectangle pipe so that the smoke can travel through.
  5. Fill the bowl up and taste the sweetest hit of cannabis! This cool homemade smoking bowl idea will be sticky so beware and handle accordingly. 

Soda can smoking bowl

Another classic homemade smoking bowl idea, a soda can is a desperate stoner’s best friend when they are in a pinch. While it is not the safest to smoke out of, it is definitely one of the easiest and most readily available homemade smoking bowls you can make. You’ll also look like the stoner that saved the day and got all the homies high which is always a nice story to tell.

  1. All you need is a can and a sharp object like a knife or anything to cut through the aluminum. 
  2. Cut a hole into the side of the can, this will be where your bowl will be. Make sure it is cleanly cut as this will be where you handle your weed. 
  3. For the mouthpiece, make another hole on the side of the can. This should be smooth since this is where your mouth will go.
  4. Indent the part where the bowl will go, fill up your weed of choice and you’re ready to go!

Pen pipe

If you’re really in a pinch, you can make a homemade pen pipe that could very well be the best one-hitter device you’ll ever use! If it’s one thing you can count on, it is to get a cheap pen from just about anywhere and wherever you are. 

  1. Make sure you have a pen that contains a metal cap and can easily disassemble.
  2. Remove the back part and front nip and take out the ink refill part of the pen.
  3. Take the nip and place the opposite end into the pen, so it creates a V shape. The V shape will act as your bowl.
  4. Fill up the nip, light up and inhale out of the other end!

Cool homemade smoking bowl ideas

While these ideas are great to utilize when in a pinch, take caution when creating cool homemade smoking bowl ideas they are most likely not the most health-friendly materials to smoke out of and this should not be done as a daily alternative to using your normal smoking accessories. While these are very cool to make when you are in a bind, be sure to invest in some hardware that is meant for the long term. Check out these smoking pipes for sale to get the best deal on a good piece that you can toke on for a good while!

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