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how to calculate CBD dosage
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Are you currently using CBD and unsure how much you should be taking? Or are you embarking on a new CBD journey and unsure how much to consume and when? Many CBD users have the same questions that consist of, how much CBD should I take? While it is recommended to speak to a medical professional regarding how much CBD each individual should consume, here is a handy CBD dosage calculator that can guide you through the adventure of incorporating CBD into your life. 

Can I take too much CBD?

While you will not overdose from consuming too much CBD, it is recommended to start anything in small doses and work your way up. Every individual is different and there is not one correct way to properly advise someone on how much CBD to take, but the following guides can help. For the purpose of this article we will use CBD oil as the method of consumption and how to properly calculate each dose.

What determines the CBD dosage calculator?

A variety of factors contribute to the calculation of a CBD dosage, like:

  • The strength of the CBD
  • A person’s body weight and overall height
  • A person’s tolerance for CBD 
  • Chemistry of a person (which changes and fluctuates)
  • Reason for consuming CBD

Fair warning that each CBD dosage calculator can vary and factors like the above are ever changing and can cause a person’s body to react differently with every dose. For example, if you are used to consuming a certain dosage daily, but one day you feel the effects way more because you haven’t slept or eaten for hours - the chemistry of your body can affect the way you react to CBD so please consider other factors beyond the amount of CBD. Your diet and overall lifestyle greatly contributes to how much CBD your body can handle.

The biggest factor that determines CBD dosage is the reason you are consuming CBD in the first place. Here are general tips on how much CBD to take depending on why you are taking it.

CBD dosage calculator for pain

When using CBD to manage pain, while it is usually recommended to start out in mild doses, pain levels vary and should be taken into account as well. While some immediately feel relief from a single dose, others might need to take a few and for consecutive days to feel the full effects. The time it takes to experience relief through CBD truly depends on the level of pain and underlying condition the individual has. Menstrual cramps can be relieved after a few hours with CBD, while inflammatory pain or cancer patients need more of a grace period to feel lasting effects over time. A high level of CBD is recommended, like the HempLucid USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil at 2000 mg strength. 

CBD dosage calculator for anxiety

While anxiety also has varying levels depending on the individual, it is often a bit easier to manage in terms of dosing and it is recommended to start small and work your way up in tolerance. Some users might feel great with even just a moderate amount of CBD, others might need a heavy dose and that’s okay too! One thing about properly dosing yourself with anything means you need to be honest about the true reason you are using it and how it can help you.

When using CBD to combat anxiety, it is best to start out in small doses and a lower strength of CBD in case your body responds to it in a way you are not used to. If you do not see any improvement or lasting effects, increase the dosage a bit and continue until you find the balance you are looking for. 

For anxiety, try to take a CBD dose first thing in the morning then followed up by lunch time. Many also take about an hour before going into triggering situations that might increase their anxiety levels, and this helps to go into a setting already calm rather than feeding into your anxiety. Either way, you got this!

CBD dosage calculator for sleep

Do you often experience insomnia and looking for a way to calm yourself down and go to sleep? A heavy dose is recommended for sleep to fully put a user into a deep sleep, and most CBD users love taking CBD for sleep as many report feeling well rested following the morning.

You can also find CBD that has melatonin mixed in which can very much help with insomnia and getting over that hump to put yourself to bed!

CBD dosage calculator 

While this is just a rule of thumb and can definitely be adjusted by each user, here is a general guide for CBD dosage calculations that anyone can use to determine what and how many doses are necessary. 

  • Low Strength Dosage - 1mg CBD per 10 pounds
  • Medium Strength Dosage - 3mg CBD per 10 pounds
  • High Strength Dosage - 6mg CBD per 10 pounds
  • For example, if you are 125 pounds you will take CBD according to this:

    • Mild Symptoms: 13mg
    • Moderate Symptoms: 38mg
    • Heavy Symptoms: 75mg>

    Which CBD to buy?

    There is no correct dosage amount since every factor is very dependent and often differs from day to day. Try different dosages based on how you are feeling on a certain day and go from there, but know that your diet, body chemistry and even the time of day you consume CBD will contribute to the overall reaction you have. Now that you know how much CBD you should be consuming, grab the best CBD oil for sale and get to dosing!

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