The Punisher Bong - 16"

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This massive bong delivers absolutely punishing hits to even the most experienced smokers. There are a total of 8 individual percolators for the ultimate in diffusion and filtration. The 16” Punisher Bong is made from durable borosilicate glass.

🔥 COLORED CROSS PERC – Tons of Bubbles

🔥 INSET TRIPLE DISC PERC – Even More Diffusion

🔥 COLD AS ICE – Cooler Smoother Hits

🔥 TURBINE DIMPLES – Final Smoke Spin

🔥 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



The downstem leads into a specially made 5 headed cross percolator made from sleek black colored glass. You’ll unleash tons of bubbles as your smoke or vapor heads into the next set of inset percs.


Inset immediately above the 5 headed cross percolator is an awesome triple disc perc. Because the triple disc perc is inset above the cross percs, you’ll get a super strong pull for extremely large and punishing hits.


The base of the neck features a double ice catcher so that you can have cool, fresh and refreshing hits whenever you want. First your smoke or vapor gets filtered and cooled from all the percolators before being forced pass ice cubes for an extremely smooth hit.


Above all the percolators is a special chamber with multiple glass dimples projecting into the inner chamber. This unique configuration forces the smoke into a mini turbine so that it gets even more diffused and smooth.


A built-in splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate. The ice catcher will further stop any splash back.

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