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The Icey Beaker - 16in

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Large beaker shaped bong with percolated downstem and ice catcher

Ice, ice, baby. If you’re a fan of the huge, concentrated rips and airflow control of beaker style bongs, but want to go a little easier on your throat, the Icey Beaker is here to solve your problems and make sure you don't have to compromise. Watch through the transparent scientific glass as smoke gathers and concentrates in the wide beaker base, then up through the ice cubes suspended in the ice catcher, all the way home to your face. Since the ice catcher is set at the bottom of the long chamber neck, there’s plenty of room to pile lots of ice for arctic-cold hits.

🥶 BEAKER BONG - Bigger rips, easy cleaning!

🥶 KEEP IT FREEZY - Ice Catcher

🥶SMOOTH RIPS- Percolated Downstem

🥶 HIGH QUALITY - Heat-Safe Borosilicate Glass

🥶 BIG BEAUTIFUL BONG - 16” height

🥶 STURDY - 1.9lb Weight

🥶 Female joint with bowl included

This beaker bong’s shape makes it easy to clean, sturdy, and stable on any flat table or surface. You can’t go wrong with a classic style with a frosty twist!

Ready for monster sized yet chilly hits? Time to add the Icey Beaker to your cart!