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Silicone Box Set

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The gorgeous green, blue and white silicone colored box set features a 12” silicone bong, 6” silicone bubbler, silicone spider man wax container and a glass quartz banger.

✅SILICONE SUPERIORITY – Silicone Won’t Break

✅BIG BONG HITS – Large 12” Travel Bong

✅PORTABLE BUBBLER – 6” Water Bubbler

✅PROTECT YOUR WAX – Spiderman Wax Container

✅DAB READY – Includes Quartz Banger


Even the most sturdy and well made glass has the risk of breaking. Silicone is bendable and flexible so it won’t break, while still possessing heat resistant qualities. Oil and gunk doesn’t stick easily to silicone either.


The beauty of the 12” silicone bong is that you can take it with you to smoke with friends in style. You get all the benefits of a bong, but in a portable and easily transportable package.


Our silicone bubbler offers the same benefits as the bong but in smaller and more discrete size. The bubbler is all silicone except for the glass bowl piece and downstem, making it extremely sturdy and easy to use in all sorts of venues and locations.


Oil and wax naturally slide right off of silicone. Our cool spidey head silicone wax container wills safely transport wax or oil without you having to worry about lost dabs or sticky messes.


We’ve included a durable quartz glass banger with separate glass downstem. The banger fits the downstem and the downstem has fish gill perc slits at the bottom for smoother hits and better filtration.

You can expect your items to arrive in sturdy yet discrete packaging from our Los Angeles, California based warehouse.

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    USA FlagAll products are shipped discreetly from USAUSA Flag Trust badges, Shopify secure, No-Hassle Returns, credit cards icons