RAW Wide Tips Pack

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The RAW Rolling Paper Wide Tips are a great addition to your joint, especially if you’re rolling a big ole fatty. These unbleached tips add some filtration and are all natural, meaning they don’t add any unnecessary flavor to your smoke. Your cigarettes, joints, or blunts will stay dryer and send less junk to your lungs.

The Good

Filtering your pot smoke via a bong is one of the best methods for filtration but it’s problematic in the sense that these devices aren’t always the best option. Joints are easily transported between locations and tend to be easily disposable, which is ideal when getting caught with herb could mean big trouble. In a worst-case scenario, you can safely eat these things, which is helpful when you find yourself in an area where law enforcement just isn’t down with Mary Jane. Too, these conserve weed by mostly eliminating the need to hold onto to a roach.

The Bad

You want to roll a fat joint, but you don’t have enough left in your stash to make a thick hooter.

The Ugly

The dispensary doesn’t open until tomorrow morning or “your guy” won’t return your calls.