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Pink Cali Crusher Grinder - 1.85in

Pink Cali Crusher Grinder - 1.85in

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Pink Metal Grinder With Kief Catcher

🐻 4 Part Metal Grinder

🐻 Kief Catcher

🐻 Easy To Clean

🐻 Made In San Diego, CA

Use code NOV22 and take 15% OFF COUPON COPIED
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Looking for a grinder that breaks up your flower into the perfect consistency for joints, blunts, and bowls? Look no further as this four piece grinder will do just that, and more! The grooves on the lid of the grinder ensure an easy grip while the blades beneath are spatially placed so you can grind more at once. Below the flower catch chamber is an easily accessible kief catch guaranteeing you get the most out of your flower and your grinder. Available in your choice of aqua or purple, these grinders are made in San Diego, California and are favorited for their ease of use and access.


Brand - Cali Crusher

Color - Pink

Style - 4 Piece Metal Grinder

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