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Piece Water Solution 12oz

Piece Water Solution

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Keep the peace & clean your piece!

🧼 12 oz glass cleaning solution

🧼 Blend of natural minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts 

🧼 Handcrafted in small batches

🧼 Stops resin from forming in the piece

🧼 Cuts down on odor

Piece Water Solution

Piece Water Solution 12oz
Use code HAPPY420 and take 15% OFF COUPON COPIED
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Cleaning your bong is absolutely essential to prolonging its life span and ensuring smooth and quality hits. The Piece Water Solution is the best glass cleaning solution to keep your pieces clean even before they get dirty (cleans bongs, bubblers, pipes, dab rigs, etc.)! Use the solution in a clean bong and when in use, the solution will trap the resin and smoke not allowing any build-up to occur. This solution also reduces the smell between water changes, and a little goes a long way with each cleaning so you can get through your entire water bong collection pretty quickly! A little stoner tip: refrigerate your solution so your glass bong can get cool hits and get clean at the same time. You’ll never be able to smoke out of a dirty bong again!


Brand - Piece Water Solution

Weight - 4.2 oz

Style - Cleaner

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