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King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

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A healthier, all-natural alternative to traditional blunts

šŸŒ“Ā Tobacco-free blunts

šŸŒ“ Pre-rolled organic palm leaf

šŸŒ“Ā Extra slow burning

šŸŒ“Ā All natural cordia leaf

šŸŒ“Ā No chemicals, additives, or glue

šŸŒ“ Hand rolled

šŸŒ“ Official King Palm brand

šŸŒ“Ā Quick to fill

šŸŒ“ ThreeĀ sizes available

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf
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King PalmĀ is the creator of a topĀ blunt alternative made from the leaves of the cordia tree. Each leaf is hand picked onĀ one of their organic farms in Southeast Asia before being individually hand rolled without chemicals, additives, flavorings, or glue. These quality blunt wraps areĀ also tobacco free, making them a healthier alternative, while the palm leaf gives a slightly earthy flavor that compliments bud perfectly. The pre-rolled blunts come in either slim (1.25 g), king (2 g),Ā or XL (3 g) sizes and areĀ adored by stonersĀ forĀ theirĀ super slow burn that will last a full session.


Length - 4"

Material - Palm leaf

Brand - King Palm

Style - Pre-rolled blunts

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