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Honeycomb Silicone Wax Container

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Silicone storage container, honeycomb design. Various color options.

The Honeycomb Silicone Wax Container is a small, colorful container for storing your waxy concentrates. Smooth silicone throughout ensures that products will not stick not to the side while the tight-fitting lid, adorned with honeycomb pattern and bee keep concentrates from drying out.

The Good

The bees are coming back, or at least that’s what research had revealed a couple years ago. For almost two decades prior to 2017, the bee population was noticeable dwindling, eventually dying down to about 10% of what it was in the early 90s. Just like other awesome things during that era, from Dr. Dre to the Game Boy, bees are not only neat, they play a critical role in our lives. This container may represent your favorite concentrate, as the honeycomb dwellings these social creates is now synonymous with the dabbing product of the same name, but hopefully it also serves as a reminder that the environment is important too.

The Bad

If Eazy-E and Dre didn’t have a fall out, we may have never heard of Snoop Dogg.

The Ugly

Silicone is substantially more environmentally friendly than most plastics, but most curbside recycling services won’t take it. Don’t throw these away if you break them – hold on to them until you find somewhere that does.