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Highlander Bong - 10in

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Hope you’re not afraid of heights. Stay high and dry with the 10” Highlander Bong. It combines the incredible power of a beaker with two amazing percs for the smoothest hits imaginable. The tree percolator and diffused downstem filter the smoke while the ice-catcher cools it for the perfect icy rip. The thick mouthpiece prevents splashback and the bowl has an easy-to-grab glass nub. You can also choose between blue or grey for an extra splash of color.

🗻DOUBLE PERC - Diffused downstem + tree percolator = bubble action

🗻KEEP IT COOL - Built-in ice-catcher for ice cold rips

🗻FITS MOST BOWLS - 14mm female joint

🗻BEAKER BOTTOM - The milky beaker rips you know and love

🗻POP OF COLOR! - Perc and mouthpiece comes in colors

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