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Giant Poke Master Bong - 17in

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Large Pokémon inspired, dual-chambered glass bong. Cool, filtered hits.

Whether you’re a former card-trader or an avid Go! player, this glass bong will inspire you to catch them all. The detailed colored glass design features the four classic first-generation starters, and a variety of colored Poke Balls which even act as grips on the bowl. But much like your favorite pocket monster, it’s more than just cute - this double-chambered bong boasts one disc perc and one UFO perc for double filtration power, creating twice-as-smooth hits. The removable glycerin chiller attachment can be filled with vegetable glycerin and cooled to below-zero temperatures without freezing, resulting in beautifully chilly smoke and vapor that won’t cost you any HP. All these parts work as a team to blast you off at the speed of light!

⚡ GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL - Detailed Design Inspired an Animated Classic

⚡ 2X BIGGER HITS - Double-Chambered Bong

⚡ ICY COLD RIPS - Removable Glycerin Chiller Attachment

⚡ KEEP IT CLEAN - Ash Catcher (pun intended)

⚡ EXTRA FILTRATION - Built-in Percolated Downstem

⚡ HIGH QUALITY - Heat-Stable Scientific Glass

⚡ BIG BONG - 5.62lb Weight & 17” Height

⚡ Female joint with bowl included

    So get your hands on this rare candy to level up your bong experience, and get ready to say, “Giant Poke Master Bong - I choose you!” With this bong, you’ll be a critical hit with all the other trainers at the gym.

    Ready to catch em all? Add the Giant Poke Master Bong to your cart!

    *This bong may also be used as a dab rig; a banger is not included with this item

    USA FlagAll products are shipped discreetly from USAUSA Flag Trust badges, Shopify secure, No-Hassle Returns, credit cards icons