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Everything For 420 Set

Everything For 420 Set

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Every stoner essential in one set!

💚 Ultimate stoner gift set

💚 12-piece bundle

💚 3-pack of EF420 hemp rolling papers

💚 2-piece plastic grinder

💚 EF420 ceramic mug pipe

💚 EF420 glass stash jar

💚 2 plastic doob tubes

💚 EF420 silicone dab mat

💚 EF420 metal rolling tray

💚 Classic EF420 wooden dugout with bat pipe

💚 EF420 metal dab tool

Everything For 420 Set

Everything For 420 Set
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Whether you're into dry flower or cannabis concentrates, this EF420 branded stoner bundle has a little bit of everything, so you'll always have what you're looking for. For dabbing, you'll get a 5-inch dual sided metal dab tool and a silicone dab mat. Smokers who prefer joints and blunts will have 3 packs of hemp rolling paper, a 2-piece herb grinder, and a 11-inch metal rolling tray. Toss the baggies and keep your bud in the glass stash jar and transport your pre-rolls in one of the doob tubes. Your new favorite piece will be the retro-inspired EF420 wooden dugout complete with a bat pipe that looks like a cigarette for discreet hits on the go. And let's not forget the best wake and bake accessory, the EF420 ceramic mug pipe that lets you take your first hit and sip of coffee all in one.


Brand - EF420

Type - Dabbing, rolling, pipe, one hitter

Style - Bundle

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