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Central Honeycomb Dab Rig - 8in

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Cool, Percolated Hits

The Central Honeycomb Dab Rig delivers un-bee-lievably potent and silky smooth hits. In the large water chamber sits a honeycomb percolator, which cools smoke while also providing more diffusion than a standard percolator, all without creating additional drag. Crafted from top-quality, heat-stable, clear borosilicate glass, this rig also comes equipped with a curved neck which angles the mouthpiece and reduces the chance of splashback. The mouthpiece, base, and small connecting piece are accented in your choice of clear green or moss.

🐝 Honeycomb Percolator

🐝 8 Inches High

🐝 Top-Quality Borosilicate Glass

🐝 Reduced Splashback

🐝 Removable Quartz Banger Nail

This dab rig is 8 inches high and can transform into a bong with a simple switch of attachments, making it both flower and concentrate compatible! Equipped with a removable quartz banger nail, simply swap for a bowl of the same joint size and fire away! Whether you decide to pass this around the smoke circle, or tell everyone to buzz off and keep it all to yourself, this rig will undoubtedly impress anyone who has the pleasure of using it.

You would bee crazy to pass on this rig, so catch a buzz with one of your own today!
USA FlagAll products are shipped discreetly from USAUSA Flag Trust badges, Shopify secure, No-Hassle Returns, credit cards icons