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The Fish Tank - 9.5in

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If you've been dreaming of a pet fish but know you'd forget to feed it, or if you like to sing tracks from The Little Mermaid while you smoke, the Fish Tank is a perfect fit for you. This percolator bong has a circ perc that generates hundreds of bubbles (though you can pretend the fish is making them). What those bubbles do for you is filter, diffuse, and cool smoke for hits as smooth as as a calm sea. 

🐠 AQUATIC WONDERLAND - Fintastic Design!

🐠 CIRC PERC - Extra Smooth Rips

🐠 HIGH QUALITY - Made from Scientific Borosilicate Glass

🐠 BUILT-IN DOWNSTEM - Fewer Loose Parts

🐠 NO SPLASHBACK - Built-In Splash Guard

🐠 BOWL INCLUDED - Glass Cone Bowl With Slide Handle

🐠 TABLE STABLE - Wide, Sturdy Base

🐠 MEDIUM SIZED - 9.5" Height and 1.1lb Weight

The Fish Tank is the perfect size at 9.5" tall and 1.1lb in weight, it's in that goldilocks zone - not too big, not too small. It has a wide base that will keep it upright on your table instead of tipped over and making a mess. The built-in splashguards will prevent a mouthful of dirty bongwater, as will the angled mouthpiece. The Fish Tank comes complete with a cone-shaped bowl that has a slide handle.

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