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What’s the difference between a shisha and a hookah?

Hookahs have been around for ages and as time has gone on, it has become more widespread throughout different regions of the world. With that comes some need for clarification when it comes to hookah vocabulary and popular slang terms that are used intermittently to describe the act of smoking hookah. The difference between a shisha and a hookah is that hookah is the device that shisha, or flavored tobacco, is smoked out of. Sometimes users might say shisha and be referring to smoking hookah, but technically it is the substance that is being consumed. Shisha comes in several different flavors and that is one major reason why users love smoking hookah shisha. Wherever there is hookah for sale, there is typically hookah shisha that can be sold with the hookah pipes for sale that are available. Many users use hookah shisha interchangeably and oftentimes most people will understand what you are referring to - whether it is the act of smoking hookah, a hookah lounge when someone refers to it as a “shisha lounge”, or if you are actually talking about shisha, the sticky tobacco substance. Just like hookah shisha flavors, there are many hookah pipes for sale that come in a variety of designs and sizes to accommodate any aesthetic. Hookah and shisha can be a fully customized experience which makes it that much more enjoyable because you can control every aspect of your smoke sesh down to mixing shisha flavors. Also trying out different hookah for sale lets users see what they prefer in a hookah device by comparing their experiences. 

How to find the right hookah?

While no one can tell you what hookah pipes for sale are best for you, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine what hookah for sale would be the most ideal setup for your specific needs. Be real honest with yourself and answer these questions with intention so you know exactly what you are getting when choosing a hookah. Here are some thoughtful questions any beginner can ask themselves before even opening a tab to start searching for hookah pipes for sale:

  • Material Preference. What type of materials do you prefer to have in a hookah device? While part of the hookah is made of glass, there are other materials that make up the base, hoses, bowl, and so on. Material options are typically aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and even acrylic. If you pay attention to anything, it should be the metal materials and look into which type of metal you would most benefit from using that also has longevity. 
  • Size. How big do you want your hookah pipes for sale to be? What do you have room for in your hookah space, rather? If you have your entire garage to smoke and also store your hookah setup when not in use, then size and height probably does not make much of a difference. While bigger hookah setups do tend to deliver much larger and stronger hits, size does not really matter so much as the preparation of the shisha, the quality of the hoses and water levels, etc. 
  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend on any hookah for sale? If budget is not an object, we love that for you - but for those needing to stay within your means we salute you too and we also got your back. There are many value options when it comes to hookah for sale without sacrificing on quality. While it might be an investment for many, hookah setups only cost more in the beginning because of the need to buy all of the supplies at once. After getting your idea set up for hookah shisha and purchase the necessary supplies, you will not have to purchase anything else for a hookah setup for a hot minute. 

Does hookah size affect the quality?

Hookah size only affects the quality of a session when it is a miniature size, and when you understand the science behind smoking hookah it makes total sense. With larger hookah setups, the smoke has a lot more time (and room) to calm down and filter into vapor for a fabulous inhale of fat smoke clouds. With mini hookahs it is definitely a lot more difficult to get a high quality smoke as compared to bigger hookahs, but they are often used for different purposes since it is common sense that a smaller space for filtering hookah shisha into vapor would hold up the same in a miniature chamber as it would in a bigger version. This is not to say that smaller hookahs do not get the job done, and users that are looking for the ultimate setup that has portability and travel convenience in mind will much prefer a smaller setup over a big production.

How often should you clean your hookah? 

Hookah shisha users should definitely make it a habit to clean out their hookah for sale regularly, pretty much after every use. It is not a good situation to leave hookah shisha water sitting around for even a day, as the strong tobacco smell and burnt resin will linger and amplify in dirty water. Hookah pipes for sale usually do not produce extremely dirty water the way bong water starts to build up, but over time there will most definitely be a lot of floating shisha bits which can turn moldy. Hookah water sitting for over a day will start to smell funky so getting into the habit of washing out the hookah and shisha bowl makes all the difference. There is no need to give hookah pipes for sale a rigorous scrub but swishing some soap and water around and letting it sit for 20-30 minutes can help lift the hookah shisha smell and deliver you a brand new looking bong in no time. 

Does this product contain nicotine?

While hookahs for sale are meant to be used to smoke hookah shisha, otherwise known as tobacco or nicotine - hookah pipes for sale on EF420 do not come with nicotine nor contain nicotine with your purchase. The shisha nicotine can be purchased separately at your local smoke shop or another online headshop that you trust. Most users love the aspect of buying from different stores that carry various brands to try out all the flavor possibilities. Whether you are looking for a citrus type of smoke or a straight up menthol and mint flavored session - hookah shisha can create some excellent concoctions. Experienced hookah smokers tend to stick with their signature flavors so if you are a beginner now is the time to try out as many flavors as you can! Feel free to mix a bunch of different flavor combinations and make it your house flavor, guests will know you are the host with the most and not just because you provide drinks and snacks too. 

How to set up your hookah?

Setting up a hookah might seem daunting if it is your first time, but in just a few steps you should be well on your way to smoking your favorite hookah shisha flavors. To make things easier on you, you might want to get the following to ensure you are fully equipped to quickly set up a hookah device:

  • Water
  • Hookah hoses
  • Hookah base
  • Hookah neck (hookah shaft)
  • Hokah bowl
  • Hookah coals
  • Foil
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper towel 
  • Coal warmer*

*It is highly recommended that you purchase a coal warmer to quickly heat up a hookah so the session can get started.

1. Clean out hookah

This should be something that is done before and after smoking out of a hookah pipe for sale becuase it is just a good sanitary practice that everyone can do quickly. This removes any built up bacteria, so whether you just used it yesterday or last month, a quick rinse will do the user well no matter what.

2. Unscrew hookah neck from vase and add water

The colder the better, so if users would like to add ice cubes to the hookah vase base the filtration will definitely kick it up a couple notches. Fill up water to where it covers the percolator holes inside so that water and air can start mixing together when users start to inhale through the hose.

3. Attach hoses and clear the pathways

Insert the hookah hoses into the open pathways on the hookah, and test it out by inhaling and exhaling to clear out any leftover debris that could be in there. Remember that hookah hoses should be washed from time to time, too, but we get that it is a tedious task. It is better to be sanitary than sorry.

4. Fill up bowl with shisha and cover with foil

Insert the desired amount of hookah shisha into the bowl, but only after patting it dry with a paper towle to get out the excess shisha juice. While it might look appealing to have juicy shisha in your bowl, it can really mess up the flavor and quality of a hookah session so dry it out and then add it to the bowl. Cover with foil and poke some holes into it with a toothpick for airflow.

5. Warm up coals and add to hookah

This is why we suggest getting a hookah coal warmer because it cuts down the prep time for a hookah sesh by a ton and just makes it much easier on any user’s life. Warm up the coals and make sure they are hot on all sides so that it burns evenly. Place burning coals on top of the punctured foil, wait a few seconds then start to inhale. The first few puffs might feel a bit rough - that is normal and you will figure it out! 

Hookah for sale: tips and tricks

Add flavors to hookah water for enhanced taste

If you ever get bored of adding plain old tap water to your hookah, why not spice it up or maybe sweeten it? There are so many combinations of flavored waters - adding your favorite fruits like strawberries, blueberries, oranges, lemons, limes - there are so many options that can also tie in well with the hookah shisha flavor paired with it. Or why not add some juice or wine to the mix for a little cross fade? The hookah experience is completely customizable and that goes all the way down water preference. Many users like to experiment with different combos of hookah shisha flavors and hookah water enhancements so look up some popular discoveries to see what you might watn to try!

Pack hookah shisha evenly and do not overcrowd

Even if you are doing a group hookah session and need a bigger amount for the hookah bowl, it is best to not overcrowd the shisha because lack of airflow and clogged hoses are never a good user experience. Clogged hookah bowls also happen when the nicotine is not dried out enough and starts dripping through the hose, and eventually the user will be able to taste it. Completely avoid this by properly preparing a hookah bowl - dry it out with a paper towel and only add enough to the bowl where it will not overwhelm the space. You can also add more and in fact a hookah session goes a lot smoother and smokes more evenly when adding bit by bit and changing out the hookah bowls after a certain time. 

Clean out the neck and shaft often

When you are cleaning out a hookah setup it is very important to make sure you properly clean out the neck and shaft. While you do not have to scrub it down every single time, doing this often will create a better airflow during a user sesion and also avoids unsanitary occurrences that usually build up after several uses. It is best to maintain a schedule to clean out all hookah devices regularly so you can avoid any unnecessary bacteria and risky residue that can cause health issues if inhaled. This is an easy task to do if you do it often, so make it a habit and it will become a lot easier to do than you think. 

Blow into the hose to clear it out

Have you ever smoked out of a hose that was clogged and you really needed to clear it but wished you did it sooner? Avoid the regret by doing this prior to connecting the hoses, so that you never have to inhale anything gross that builds up. If you blow into a hookah hose that is detached fron the hookah base, it is a very effective way to remove any unwanted residue in the hose that could potentially go right down your throat with one deep nihale. It is not ideal to clean out hookah hoses after every use, but doing this quickly can prevent anyhing from building up when not in use and is your best solution for the times in between those deep clean sessions. 

Keep hookah shisha refrigerated

Besides refrigerated hookah shisha tasting better, ensuring it is refrigerated when not in use will help to preserve it a lot longer and keep its flavor profiles intact as time goes on. Hookah shisha can actually last up to two years after its production date, which is a pretty long time considering average hookah users will probably go through one carton of hookah shisha in a month easily. Keeping hookah shisha refrigerated also keeps it out of excessive heat and humidity which will affect the taste and quality. Keeping hookah shisha out on a hot summer day or in the pantry closet when the heater is on in the middle of winter does not sound like a solid idea - storing in the fridge just makes sense, period. 

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