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Functionality meets transportability with high-quality vaporizers designed for cannabis concentrates and dry herb.

Grenco Science brand story 

Founded in 2012, Grenco Science, the parent company of G Pen designs stylish vaporizers and smoking products that are praised for being extremely user friendly. Let's be honest, no one wants to try and figure out settings and multiple buttons when blazed and G Pen is simple and straightforward. The Los Angeles based brand quickly built a name for itself when it launched the very first leak-proof tank system for portable vapes. The innovative design, uses a borosilicate glass hydrotube situated in the center of the vape and protected by a silicone skin, is the key technology used in the popular G Pen Roam vaporizer. The addition of water allows the smoke to be aerated, filtered, and cooled in a very small space so hits aren't too harsh.

G Pen Roam

Forget looking for your dab torch. The king of cannabis concentrate vaping, the Grenco Science G Pen Roam has all the features you could ever want in an e-rig. This portable concentrate vaporizer will let you get the most flavor out of your material wherever you are. Set the vape to heat up in seconds to a precise temperature between 600 to 800° F (315°- 425° C) based on your concentrate of choice. At 6-inches tall and built with an aluminum alloy shell protected by a silicone skin, the G Pen Roam is designed to go with you on all your adventures. As mentioned previously, this style uses the advanced hydrotube tank system for comfortable dabs every time. With all these parts in such a small vape, you may think cleaning it will be a chore, however engineers at Grenco Science hate cleaning just as much as you do and have designed the G Pen Roam so it can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with ease. The complete e-rig kit includes a hemp travel case, loading tool, and a micro USB charging cable to rapid charge the powerful 1300mAh lithium-ion battery.

G Pen Pro

Cannabis concentrates not your thing? Give the Grenco Science G Pen Pro a chance. This dry herb vaporizer combines a sleek look with ultimate performance and functionality. The G Pen Pro is undoubtedly one of the best vape pens under $100. Heating occurs in seconds with three simple presets ranging from 375 to 428°F. With just one button, you'll get the hang of vaping after just one session. Just like the other G Pen vapes, this dry herb vape pen is made with a durable, yet lightweight aluminum shell to protect the rechargeable battery and ceramic heating chamber that fits up to .25g of flower.

G Pen Elite

The designers at Grenco Science realized that one thing every stoner hates is dumping and repacking their vape, smoking pipe, or bong, so they created the largest ceramic heating chamber on the market. Fitting up to half a gram of flower, you'll be able to share your vape with friends and make it last over a full smoke sesh. The Grenco Science G Pen Elite uses convection heating that can be set to any degree of temperature between 200 and 428°F (93° - 220°C), which is great for experimenting with low temperature vaping. This high-tech vaporizer has a full LED display and ergonomic design to fit with busy lifestyles and on-the-go smoking. Included in the vape kit is a G Pen Elite, a cleaning brush, USB charging cable, slim grinder plate, and a keychain G Pen tool.

G Pen Connect

This might just be the smoking accessory you never knew you needed. With the G Pen Connect, you can turn any glass bong or dab rig into a powerful vaporizer! This revolutionary vape attachment connects to any glass female joint and will replace your bong bowl or banger. Grenco Science has patented a special reverse airflow technology to make this masterpiece come to life. The small vaporizer attachment is just 3.5 inches tall and fits snuggly in its travel case. With a 850mAh battery and three temperature settings, the G Pen Connect will make all your 420 dreams come true. G Pen recently collaborated with Cookies to create a complete G Pen Connect vape bundle in the iconic light blue. The stoner kit includes a limited edition G Pen Connect Battery, a tank, housing, hemp travel case, 3 replacement o rings, a male 14mm joint adapter, a male glass adapter connector, and a micro USB to USB charging cable.

G Pen Dash

The latest dry herb vape pen by Grenco Science is meant for being super discreet, lightweight, and affordable. What looks like a large flash drive is actually a stylish vaporizer. Fill the glass-glazed stainless steel heating chamber and you'll be ready to puff away in seconds. The G Pen Dash has three heat settings and an automatic shut off function to save battery life. It's the perfect dry herb vaporizer for those new to vaping or veteran stoners who want an ultra transportable option made for travel.

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