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Delta 8 Tinctures

Delta 8 Tinctures

Although Delta 8 was only introduced to the cannabis industry in the early 2000’s, this cannabinoid along with other cannabinoids have always been found in the cannabis plant. While delta 8 THC tinctures have been introduced to the cannabis market in recent years, lab testing of delta 8 through cannabis extracts has been going on for decades yet delayed due to local laws in our respective country. Delta 8 was introduced into other countries earlier than the US, but now that delta 8 has been legal for a few years, many users can find these hemp products at our online headshop along with delta 9 and delta 10 cannabis extracts. Here is what you need to know before using the best delta 8 tincture online versus other types of hemp products like full spectrum CBD oil. 

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What are delta 8 tinctures?

Tinctures have existed long throughout history, used by Egyptians in ancient times as an herbal remedy to increase health benefits. Hemp seed oil from the hemp plant has been used dated back to the 1600’s, and delta 8 THC was discovered by Israeli chemist Raphael Mecholaum who has done extensive research on the cannabis plant making huge strides in the hemp industry through lab tested research of hemp derived products. Delta 8 oil tincture is cannabis extracted into liquid through diffusion of concentrated delta 8 THC combined with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or other carrier oil options like vegetable oil, MCT oil, or coconut oil. This is then bottled up and most companies and top brands include a full dropper for easy consumption. 

How do you take delta 8 tincture?

Taking a delta 8 thc tincture is simple and straightforward, but there are a few tricks to achieve maximum desired effects without gradually increasing the dosage. Users report that having a full dropper to go along with their thc products makes it much more convenient compared to substandard products in the past that are not as easy to use. Here is how to take a delta 8 thc tincture to get all the benefits.

Delta 8 Tincture 2

Shake the delta 8 thc tincture bottle

You will want to make sure that the delta 8 thc tincture is mixed well before beginning the extraction process through your dropper tool. Shaking the delta 8 thc tincture bottle will ensure that your dropper will be filled with an even mix of high quality tinctures with each use. 

Side note: you will want to store your delta 8 tincture in a cool place where it is not directly in sunlight as it can change the solution with the heat and humidity. Keeping your delta 8 tincture in prime conditions helps its longevity and shelf life. Cannabis concentrates and delta 8 thc oil tinctures can last up to two years if you treat it well! You will know if it loses its potency by the substance producing a different smell, texture, or you feel like it is not as potent as it once was.

Fill the dropper with delta 8 thc tincture

Lift the dropper and squeeze out any contents so that you can get a fresh dose. Squeeze again so that your tincture is filled at least 75% of the way if you are wanting to do high doses and half a dropper filled if you prefer low doses or a few drops to get you started. Microdosing delta 8 tincture and other CBD tinctures or CBD products are a great way to introduce your body to the substance if you are worried about it being a potent product to your system. Do not worry, because while delta 8 thc tinctures are a step up from CBD tinctures or other CBD oil CBD products it is still not as strong as normal THC strains.

Place drops underneath your tongue and hold for up to one minute

To get the maximum desired effects of using delta 8 thc tinctures, place the amount of drops of your choice underneath your tongue and hold it between 45 to 60 seconds and allow it to dissolve. Users report a much greater and calming effect when using delta 8 thc tinctures this way because the substance will dissolve into your bloodstream much more quickly than swallowing although either way will work. You will taste the delta 8 thc tincture either way so putting under the tongue might be an easier way to get it down as it might have a slight earthy flavor. There are flavored delta 8 thc tinctures available so depending on what you are looking for make sure you take this into consideration when choosing your next delta 8 thc tincture. 

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Are delta 8 tinctures strong?

There are different concentration levels when it comes to purchasing delta 8 thc tinctures so users can buy what they feel is the best tincture for them. Users do say that the body feels relaxed similar to taking CBD products but not as potent as full THC products tinctures. A lot of individuals prefer to use CBD and delta 8 cohesively as it can produce a very nice relaxing effect without overdoing it the way a psychoactive effect would produce from consuming THC. 

Technically, delta 8 tincture does contain small trace amounts of THC and if consuming enough for an extended period of time, THC can show in your system and potentially show up on a drug test so it is recommended that you keep track of your use and drug test yourself if you are ever concerned about this. Many users like to use delta 8 because although considered THC the small amounts usually keep you in the clear, but that is not to say that testing positive on a drug test is totally out of the question. Every individual is different depending on their body weight, physical activity, hydration levels, metabolism, etc. It is best to know how your body responds to other cannabinoids in your system so if you are only using CBD and delta 8 you will have an easier time telling how your body holds onto full spectrum cannabinoids. 

Does delta-8 make your eyes red?

Similar to consuming other cannabinoids like THC, delta 8 thc is a form of THC and can cause similar side effects like red eyes and dry mouth especially when consumed in higher doses. While these side effects are mild and can be cured with some good eye drops and hydration, make sure you are prepared prior to taking a delta 8 tincture as some of the strongest delta 8 tincture options can have an increased effect over lower doses of the hemp plant. Sometimes having red eyes is a good thing as it means that the delta 8 thc tincture is working! You can exhale wellness and start to lay back and relax or allow yourself to feel pumped with energy to get your day started on a high note. Starting and ending your day with delta 8 thc tincture can be highly beneficial so test it out and see what works best for you!

Does delta-8 tincture work faster than gummies?

While it does take time for both delta 8 thc oil tincture and delta 8 gummies to kick in, delta 8 tincture can work faster in the sense that it goes directly into your bloodstream when ingested under your tongue as compared to digesting the gummy or edible through your stomach. While gummies or edibles can last longer, tinctures can last quite a long time too, between four to six hours, sometimes even eight hours depending on how high of a dose users consume.

Delta 8 thc tinctures might work a little slower than delta 8 thc pre-rolls, but not for long as it directly enters your bloodstream when put under the tongue and you can exhale wellness either way. Some prefer delta 8 thc tinctures for treating anti nausea as it can calm the nerves for many. Depending on how a person’s body reacts, this can be a great method for wanting to increase appetite and taking the delta 8 thc tincture about an hour prior to eating can help find users' success. 

Are delta 8 tinctures safe?

Before you buy delta 8 tincture you always want to do your due diligence and know what you are in for. Delta 8 thc tinctures are fully safe to consume although you might want to consult your physician prior to using just in case. All delta 8 thc tinctures have been tested by a third party lab or independent lab during the production process to ensure a high quality and best selling product. Many delta 8 thc tinctures are vegan friendly, non gmo and straight from the hemp source. If you are conscious about what you put into your body (which you should!) there is always a certificate of analysis on the product page for your viewing and peace of mind.

Buying THC products can be tricky if you do not understand what you are buying but fear not it is quite easy to figure it out with a little guidance! There are many things to factor in when you are considering purchasing delta 8 thc, whether you prefer delta 8 thc tinctures, delta 8 thc gummies, delta 8 thc pre-rolls, and more. Depending on local laws conflict there might be rules surrounding shipping delta 8 thc so before you choose quantity add to cart make sure you are in a state where we can send you some goodies!

Best delta 8 tinctures

There are many delta 8 tinctures to choose from and so many variations of concentrations for any individual no matter how low dose or strong your preference may be. While a lot of stoners try to DIY themselves into a comfortable cloud, why go through the process of getting expensive equipment and operating heavy machinery if you don’t need to? Buying the best delta 8 tincture online can already have you feel like you can exhale wellness just by avoiding the need to go to a store to pick it up. Delivered straight to your door in a discreet manner, final thoughts for customers have the majority saying they prefer to order the best delta 8 tinctures online at our website. Our customers like to work smarter, not harder! While there are some laws prohibiting the shipping of delta 8 tinctures in some states (like Rhode Island), it is best to double check if your state allows us to send to you! 

Creating Better Days Delta 8 Sublingual Tincture

Delta 8 Tincture

This simple looking bottle is anything but after consuming its contents you will be grateful you did not judge a book by its cover. The Creating Better Days Delta 8 Sublingual Tincture is available in 500mg and 1000mg bottles, third party tested and includes a dropper for convenient and mess-free consumption. Feel free to directly ingest or add to edibles or your favorite drink. Adding this to smoothies or your morning coffee can be a game changer! The bottle is travel-friendly and you can take it with you wherever you need to quickly grab and dose yourself on the go. A very simple and direct way to use and gain the benefits of hemp plants!

Buy delta 8 online

You already know where is one of the best places to buy the best delta 8 thc tincture online, and feel free to peruse other broad spectrum hemp extract and full spectrum cannabinoids on the website as well. Organically grown hemp that is then turned into delta 8 tincture can provide a lot of benefits when using that you will have to find out for yourself. Feel at ease knowing you are buying lab tested hemp products and delta 8 thc is another method to seek all the benefits of the hemp plants. Know you are also in great company as there is an increasing number of users of delta 8 tincture that is slowly expanding in the cannabis industry. Just another reason to love hemp plants and the hemp industry, always innovating and providing the good vibes for consumption.