Why Women are Ruling the World of Cannabis

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Leveling the playing field in the cannabis industry.

Women are Leading the Cannabis Industry

In 2015, Marijuana Business Daily released a survey showing that women occupied 36% of leadership roles in the cannabis industry, as compared to the 22% national average of female leadership. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 66% of high-level testing lab roles were held by women.

But why are women in cannabis taking such a strong lead so quickly compared to other industries where moving towards equality has been a struggle for decades?

In her documentary film Mary Janes: The Women of Weed, filmmaker Windy Borman explores that very question. While her documentary dives deep into the social and economic histories that have led to the rise of women in cannabis, the idea boils down to the quote featured front and center on the film’s website, spoken by a true feminist icon:

“There’s so much opportunity in the cannabis industry because it has not been set up within the old world male business paradigm. Women can grow it, heal with it, and now… you can make a business.”
– Melissa Etheridge

Celebrating International Women’s Day

At Everything For 420, we are committed to celebrating the power of women in the cannabis industry. We’re proud to say that nearly 50% of our customer base is female, and 50% of our company are women too. We hope to see other cannabis industry companies following the road to gender equality.

To show our support to the rise of womankind in cannabis, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day this Friday 3/8/19 by making sure that even more high quality accessories are available for women around the world to enjoy at accessible prices. You can use the code WOMANPOWER to get 15% off any product in our headshop.

More Women are Buying Cannabis & Accessories

When you imagine a smoker, what pops up in your mind? A man’s face or a woman’s? Although the stereotype of a smoker may be male, women are one of the fastest-growing consumer bases for cannabis. But what do the numbers say? In 2017, Eaze.com released a survey of 15,000 respondents that showed women’s monthly spending on cannabis products increased by 20% between 2015 and 2017.

But what could be influencing this growth in female cannabis spending? Kate Miller and Anna Duckworth, co-founders of Miss Grass Magazine, believe that the recent spike could be related to women’s growing interest in wellness. They say:

“Cannabis legalization is creating an insatiable appetite for information. Women are looking for alternative non-toxic, plant-based, holistic remedies for health and cannabis falls into all of those categories,” says Duckworth. “That’s why women are adopting cannabis as a wellness tool and making it a part of a much bigger approach to self-care.” 

No “For-Her” Surcharge

If you’ve ever shopped for razors or shampoo, you may have noticed that “For Her” models charge you extra just for pretty packaging or pink colors. At Everything for 420, we invite all genders to experience the joy or a pink bong (priced exactly the same as its blue counterpart), pipe, or dab rig. We’re also committed to bringing you the fairest, most accessible prices, with no “female fee” for pretty products. That’s why we call it EVERYTHING for 420. 

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