Tips On How To Hide Your High

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Tips On How To Hide Your High
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Every legal dry herb enthusiast has reached some point in time where they just got way too high, and…it shows. While no one should be looked down upon for partaking in smoking herb as a pastime, there is a time and a place for looking as high as you feel. Enthusiasts have many​​ different reasons for consuming the magical green plant we all know and love. Whether it is a way to calm down before a big day or to wind down after a long day—there are moments when we just cannot avoid being high. What we can avoid, though, is how high we look with a few tips and tricks that will help you look normal and decent in a pinch. If you are a stressful stoner and get paranoid thinking you look as high as you feel, this guide is for you. Learn how to look less high, how to act not high, and if you get really good - how to hide being high altogether. These will be habits to slowly incorporate into your stoner ritual, and in as little as a few weeks these newly discovered tips will become an easy part of your routine. First things first, make sure you’re stocked up on all the $4.20 smoking essentials so you can start practicing these tips as soon as possible!

Tips for how to look less high

Let’s face it: if you are taking on a hefty pre-roll, you are guaranteed to be high AF and we definitely encourage you to live your best life. But who wants to step outside looking as high as you are? Sure, the neighborhood coffee barista probably won’t judge you for waking and baking, but your boss might if you pull up to the office looking and smelling like a joint. Regardless of what you have going on in your day, here are a few things you should be doing before and after a smoke sesh. 

Hydrate to hide being high

When people suggest drinking more water and minding your business, it truly is the secret to happiness in life. In this case, drinking more water before and after getting high can not only hydrate you but it will help in alleviating the heavy side effects of looking high such as red eyes and a flushed face. The other part of minding your business is hopefully fulfilled by the people around you because we all know you’ll be in your own world not giving a damn what the person next to you is doing.  

Hydrating helps with more than not looking high but will typically balance out a high if you become too high. Occasionally, a big glass of water is all you need to calm yourself after a big bong rip, and if not try other juices like cranberry or orange juice that is usually available in your fridge already. If you are looking to detox a bit, lemon juice is great to add to water or other hydrating teas that include hibiscus, rose, or chamomile. Hydrating yourself doesn’t have to be boring, so the next time you are high and feeling a little too alive, feel free to get creative and mix yourself some flavored water or juice combination that is equivalent to liquid munchies. In no time, you’ll be craving that healthy and hydrating drink instead of craving for a cookie. 

How to look less high with eye drops

There are some essentials you should be carrying with you for the ultimate smoke sesh, like your herb and rolling supplies, a lighter, and so on. But what if you took it a step further and included essentials to help out with that post-high? Eye drops should definitely be included as part of an essential item to any smoke bag, because in any case that you are dehydrated beyond quick repair - eye drops to help out with the redness will instantly cut you from looking like a level 10 stoner to at least a 5 or 6 level stoner (eye drops do not control the droopy eye effect of being high). 

The biggest takeaway from using eye drops to conceal a high is when you use them. When asking yourself, how can I hide being high?, think about solving the problem before it happens. What you’re going to do is take the eye drops you have and apply them prior to smoking, and what will you discover? That your eyes won’t get red in the first place! When using eye drops before the smoke sesh, it gives your eyes time to soak in the formula so that when those blood vessels are triggered from what you’re smoking, those pupils are ready for anything. High eyes are probably the most telling sign that someone is indeed high, and also facilitates awkward behavior like avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, etc. If you handle your eyes with care and understand how they work and when they’ll be heightened post-high, most people won’t be able to tell unless they truly know you. Placing eye drops in your smoke bag, your car, and the bathroom should help you feel more confident in getting high before running some errands or going to the gym and trust that no one is that concerned about others as much as they are themselves.

Tips for how to look less high

How to look less high with scents

We are all aware of the fact that legal dry herb has a very distinct smell that is not very favorable in many communities. Even if you live in a legalized state, that doesn’t mean your neighbor is okay with it and the judgy Jills of the town always seem to be out and about when you are. Stay ready and you should never have to worry about being called out for being a stoner Sally, and scents are an excellent way to achieve how to not look high. It might seem weird that something you smell with your nose contributes to how a person looks, but someone’s scent coincides with their personal hygiene which affects the perception of an individual. When someone looks like a 10 but smells like a 3, that averages their score out to a 6.5 and it can be totally avoidable with basic hygiene etiquette. 

Scents can be a general term for the perfume or cologne you wear, the candles or incense lit up in a smoke space, and so on. Since the stuff we love to smoke on can really smell up an entire house or even halfway down the street if it’s dank enough, it is important to consider this and how it can affect a space and the people in it (including you). For example, if you’re smoking in your car on a lunch break with the windows up, chances are you will smell exactly like what you are smoking when you exit the car and walk into another room. Using scents like air fresheners, candles and incense in your space will do wonders to clearing out a room. When a smoke room is left untreated, the stagnant smells from the previous smoke sessions will linger and cling to the surrounding space which produces that old smoke smell. Before lighting up in any space, try to prepare for the overwhelming amounts of smoke that will ensue by lighting up a fresh scent of your choice. After smoking, opening up as many windows as you can to let in natural air will do the trick in freshening the space. In as little as an hour you can have the stench cleared out and rid of the evidence. This is an excellent idea if you are renting or expecting some company that is not exactly 420 friendly, as it is best to be courteous and considerate of those that might be sensitive to smell. 

When spraying perfume or cologne on yourself to mask up the lingering 420 scent, it is best to not overdo it as too much perfume can often be worse than not wearing perfume at all. Using fresh and fruity scents can add different layers, and even adding in a little musk smell can pair perfectly with the dank smell that you’re trying to rid yourself of. While we don’t recommend using your most expensive perfume or cologne every single smoke session, set aside an affordable scent that you can keep in your smoke bag that is used specifically for post smoke sessions. 

Take a shower

Freshening up after getting high is a self care tip you won’t want to skip, but it also jumpstarts your way to looking and feeling normal. Jump in the shower and wash your body off to get rid of the smoke smell, and make sure to get in between your ears and around your neck since those places will hold that smoke smell. No need to wash your hair, but if you are able to with enough time to blow dry and style then more power to you! Taking a shower will also help to reset your mind and body so you can feel fresh and brand new, ready to take on your day or ready to jump in bed and journal before resting your eyes. 

Relax, but not too relaxed

One of the easiest ways to spot someone that is high is when they are fidgeting or acting erratic. There are many different kinds of highs and far from the norm type of behavior will draw someone’s attention more than a person that knows how to blend in with a crowd. Gathering yourself and finding a reasonably relaxed state of mind will make all the difference in your body feeling normal enough to carry on throughout the day. Fake it til you make it is actually a real thing and can aid in convincing yourself to be okay to do something until you actually become okay with doing it. Taking some deep breaths or having a quick meditation session can be a simple solution to anyone that is not in the right state of mind to do what they need to do. Have you ever gotten high because you’re nervous to leave the house, only to get high and become more nervous? While it is totally self inflicted, it is understandable that handling social anxiety or feelings of avoidance might heighten unwanted feelings, but relaxing and calming yourself is one the quickest ways to overcome that. While you might not completely overcome any fears or anxious feelings, working towards relaxation in those moments of panic is what will help in conquering those overwhelming feelings. 

Tips on how to not act high

Right after taking a bong rip or finishing a joint, a stoner can either become more calm or more energetic depending on the strain smoked. We never know which way the high will hit us, so it is best to be prepared at all times in case a high gets really heavy and you suddenly realize you are completely stoned out of your mind and look as high as you feel, too. Here are some tricks on how to not act high so you can blend in with the sober folks without having to actually be completely sober. 

Don’t overdo things

When a person is high, some telling signs include heavy and red eyes, laughing way too excessively, overboard clumsiness, and zoning out completely. While everyone wants to enjoy their high, sometimes it’s just not possible to sit down and become couch locked in a vegetable state to dream. Most times, we have obligations to meet and responsibilities to fulfill, so staying on point and not too relaxed is something every stoner should aim to master. This is also known as being a functional stoner, where you can carry on tasks throughout the day while being high as a kite. Your head is in the clouds, but still somehow have your feet on the ground and can perform your required duties. 

Munchies help with how to not act high

If you’re hunched over eating everything in your pantry that is on site, of course people will suspect that you are high and experiencing a case of the munchies. But what if you used those munchies to your advantage? Similar to eating bread or a large meal prior to drinking to soak up the alcohol, eating munchies meals can help in balancing out the body’s high. Munchie meals do not have to be something crazy creative that no one would ever think of, it can easily be a comfort food meal or meal prep items if you’re on a diet, and so on. Eating and smoking is definitely something you’ll want to learn how to manage properly as food vs an empty stomach can severely change the outcome of a high. Have you ever smoked on an empty stomach and just felt light headed, dizzy, even more hungry and with no energy to do anything? As compared to having a hearty meal and smoking within 30 minutes of eating it, you will feel full and content and probably have more energy to get through the rest of your day. Munchies don’t have to be a bad thing, you can eat well and intuitively to see what works best for you!

Sleep it off

Sometimes you just get way too high where even precautionary steps wouldn’t be able to help you. And that’s okay because it’s the risk we take to enjoy the goodness of these green plants. Taking a quick nap for an hour or less could easily do the trick to giving you a fresh perspective to take the rest of the day head on. You know yourself best, so you might want to pick an amount of time that you know is sufficient to catch some z’s but not too long to the point you won’t wake up! Some stoners can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time or perform better after cat naps, while others need a solid hour at least to properly reset and feel well rested during a break. The question on your mind of how can I hide being high can also be solved by a quick few moments of sleep and relaxation to recharge the mind. 

How to not get high from cannabis

How to not get high from cannabis

The question might feel impossible considering that cannabis has a psychoactive compound that does produce a high feeling effect, but how do you not get high from cannabis? If you’re looking on how to not look high but still want to get high, looking into different types of plants would be most helpful to get the strain that would work best for your lifestyle.

High CBD strains to look less high

Strains with high levels of CBD, or cannabidiol, will have a better chance of how to not look high because of the lack of psychoactive compounds that are not available in CBD. While CBD does come from hemp plants, it is missing the compounds that produce that high effect, in turn making CBD a very popular option for those that want to avoid the feeling of being high. There are many users that choose to smoke a hybrid mix of CBD and THC to get a 1:1 effect, and CBD even helps bring down a high if you ever found yourself smoking a bit too much. 

There are some high level CBD strains out there that are best for managing symptoms of anxiety or for those that do not prefer as much of a psychoactive effect. One of the most popular CBD strains is Charlotte’s Web, but these days there are so many hybrid strains like Sour Tsunami and Harle-Tsu. Sour Tsunami is also one of the first CBD strains to be bred and is still a popular option today, with Harle-Tsu is an award-winning strain and for good reason. 

Use other forms like topicals or balms

If looking to find relief but do not necessarily want to have that high look or feeling? There are other ways to intake cannabis besides smoking it or eating it as you would an edible. There are topical solutions like salves and balms that can truly transform a surface level area. Are you an athlete with aching pain and need something more than just icy hot? A CBD balm melts in the palm of your hands and would work wonders when isolating focus on an injured area. 

How can I hide being high? 

How can I hide being high?

There are so many steps you can take to avoid looking like a hot mess, all it takes is some planning and a bit of effort on your part to make it happen and consistently. The more you smoke, the more you will have to incorporate these things into your daily routine, but that’s the price you pay for the ability to get high and feel one with the world. These are simply suggestions you can take and expand on wherever you see fit, as you are the best person to judge your situation and what is important to focus on. Living at home with your parents and needing to focus on the room not smelling high is not the same problem as living on your own but making sure your boss doesn’t find out you smoke and especially on your lunch break. You don’t need to stop your favorite hobby because you’re paranoid about how high you look, just take some extra time to freshen up and look as brand new as you feel right after a bong rip. 

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