The Ultimate Guide of Combining Weed and Shrooms

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The Ultimate Guide of Combining Weed and Shrooms
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Obviously, if you are reading this, you are most interested in psychedelic substances and wanting to know the deal about mixing weed and shrooms. While there is a lot to unpack behind the science that fuels such a magical, mind-expanding trip, mushroom, and weed are both substances that are used to get high and sail to another dimension. But is it okay to mix smoking weed on shrooms, or is this a recipe for disaster? If you feel you are the first to come up with the idea of mixing weed and shrooms, then think again because the combination of the two has been going on for much longer than we’ve all been alive. For centuries, mushrooms have been used across ancient civilizations for celebrations and rituals alike to connect with their communities and reach new heights on a spiritual level. Cannabis has also been utilized in ancient times as a pastime and celebration as well, so combining the two is definitely nothing new. Here is all you need to know about smoking weed and shrooms while being aware of best practices and what to avoid. Remember to check out our bongs for sale before you start your magic mix of weed and shrooms shenanigans. 

Are weed and shrooms similar?

Mixing weed and shrooms is a much more common practice than one might think, and for good reason with its enhanced psychoactive effects. Shrooms, or magic mushrooms, contain a natural psychedelic molecule called psilocybin. Cannabis delivers psychoactive effects to reach that “high” feeling, but is not a hallucinogen as it does not contain psilocybin compounds that cause a hallucinogenic effect.  

Taking mushrooms can cause a spiritual awakening and a truly magical experience, hence the reason why it is so popular amongst cannabis users looking for a stronger and more long lasting high. Shrooms can overall cause a more enhanced state of mind and can be taken to create a calm and euphoric atmosphere for the user. Consuming weed typically does the same thing, and when smoking weed and shrooms together it can cause a harmonious experience. 

What are the obvious differences between weed and shrooms?

Cannabis does not usually cause hallucinations which is where weed and shrooms differ, so one can consider shrooms to be more potent than weed with the level of intense effects it can deliver. When consuming cannabis, receptors of the endocannabinoid system are stimulated, whereas shrooms stimulate serotonin receptors. For the most part, mixing weed and shrooms should cause a similar effect of feeling high, giddy, relaxed, etc. but because they technically are separately categorized substances they do have subtle differences.

What are the obvious differences between weed and shrooms?

Effects of cannabis

Smoking weed typically causes any of the following effects:

  • Heightened mood
  • Soreness and inflammation relief
  • Stress relief
  • Nausea relief
  • Help with irregular sleep patterns

Effects of shrooms

When shrooms are taken, users can experience any of the following effects:

  • Hallucinations
  • Euphoric or peaceful state of mind
  • Depersonalization (dream-like reality)
  • Heightened body sensations
  • Heightened emotions
  • Increased mental imagery
  • Mixture of senses (tasting sounds, hearing colors)

As you can see, the effects of magic mushrooms can be much stronger than the effects of cannabis, but nonetheless both can give a pretty intense high especially when taken together. The mutual feelings of bliss, relaxation and ultimate sense of relief is what keeps so many using weed, shrooms, or both together. 

What happens when you mix cannabis with psychedelics? 

After knowing both effects caused by smoking weed and shrooms, it is safe to say that combining the two will cause nothing short of an epic and magical trip. By stimulating both the endocannabinoid system and 5HT2A receptor that handles serotonin levels, mixing mushrooms and weed will most likely cause intense sensory perception, hyperactive thinking and a ton of inner spiritual connection. Of course it might become overwhelming if taken in large doses, so when mixing weed and shrooms it is best to do it in small amounts to avoid overexposure of too much in one sitting. 

Because cannabis is very similar to the effect of mushrooms, the combination of the two is actually a pretty nice pairing. Taking the psychoactive effects of euphoria and relaxation, plus the psychedelic effects like changing the perception of time and depersonalization can cause a unique out-of-body experience. Many tend to use the combination of both substances to have a therapeutic-like experience where they can work through the depths of their minds once they have access to it through weed and shrooms. 

If you are experiencing anxiety prior to taking shrooms, a lot of individuals smoke weed before taking shrooms as a way to get themselves in the best head space. Smoking weed before ingesting shrooms later on can possibly help to ease your body into the psychedelic effects once they kick in. Obviously, smoking during a mushroom trip will only enhance a high, and this will kick in pretty immediately too. If you are ever in doubt, it is ideal to wait at least an hour before consuming additional substances as it can take that long (sometimes longer) for the weed or mushrooms to kick in. 

What are potential risks of smoking weed on shrooms?

What are potential risks of smoking weed on shrooms?

Both weed and mushrooms deliver powerful effects that can be a magical experience but can also be overwhelming and complex. While mixing mushroom and weed can bring a lot of relief, there are some temporary side effects that need to be mentioned in case they do occur:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Impaired vision and coordination
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth and red eyes
  • Panic
  • Psychosis

While there are some side effects that are less severe, if a user experiences more severe effects (like psychosis) it is best to seek medical attention. 

How to handle a “bad trip”?

How to handle a “bad trip”?

It can feel scary for the user when ingesting too much weed and shrooms that they can handle, and if this ever happens to you at least you will be able to reference what you’ve learned here to help yourself or a friend come down from a bad trip. Especially when someone experiences psychosis when smoking weed on shrooms, the altered reality and distortion of thoughts can be a complete mind-screwing situation and the only way out of it is to go through it.

Rest assured that it is not common for mushroom overdoses, so when combining weed and shrooms while an overwhelming trip might feel like an overdose, an actual overdose on mushrooms will fall more along the lines of a poisonous mushroom. It is recommended that users always work with mushrooms from a trusted source that knows the difference between psilocybin magic mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms. Similarly, always smoke weed from a trusted source like a local dispensary. 

CBD can help with reducing overwhelming side effects from smoking weed on shrooms, so keeping some CBD tinctures or gummies on hand would be very useful especially for a first time experience. Combining CBD and magic mushrooms can also create a synergistic effect that can ease the user into a harmonious state rather than an overwhelming one. 

Do CBD and THC have the same effects with shrooms?

There are huge differences when using mushroom and weed versus consuming CBD and shrooms. The biggest difference is that CBD does not produce a psychoactive or hallucinogenic effect, yet it can still enhance a high when combined with THC or mushrooms. Oftentimes, CBD helps ease overwhelming side effects and can be the pathway to a healthy and balanced high. Beginner users of magic mushrooms will probably find CBD as the best approach to a calming and buildable high, whereas THC can only enhance a mushroom high by adding its psychoactive effects. CBD is a very subtle way to dip your toes into the world of combining substances because it will also balance out THC in a user’s body if they do happen to experience a bad high. 

What is the science behind smoking weed and shrooms and how it affects the consumer when taken together?

There are not many studies about combining both mushroom and weed, but it is pretty safe to say that either substance on its own has not caused an overdose (besides mistaking magic mushrooms for the poisonous kind). While there is generally no scientific data to support the combination of smoking weed and shrooms, most user testimonies show a variation of reactions that range from feeling an enjoyable high to experiencing an intense trip. In 2020, Oregon became the first state to initiate the Psilocybin Program Initiative to take steps towards legalizing shrooms for therapeutic use. This shows that there is an increasing rise in psilocybin use for mental health practices and how it can contribute positively to an individual’s journey to self discovery. 

Is it safe to pair cannabis and psilocybin?

While it is possible to experience a bad trip when using cannabis and shrooms simultaneously, for the most part it is safe to pair cannabis and psilocybin because there are no chances of an overdose. There are risks, though, that consuming too much of either substance in a short period of time can cause overwhelming side effects and episodes of psychosis. It is highly recommended for new users to begin their journey by microdosing both cannabis and psilocybin to gauge their tolerance levels - this helps to feel more control of the high that will occur once cannabis and psilocybin are ingested and start to take effect. 

Whenever there is doubt about taking a substance, it is best to take caution and do so when you’re comfortable. You should be in a mentally stable mindset that is open to experiencing a peaceful and synergistic experience with your mind and body, and taking in small doses to build up to a relaxing and meaningful high is a much better experience all around.

What are best practices for mixing weed and shrooms?

What are best practices for mixing weed and shrooms?

The all-natural remedy when combining weed and shrooms is a magical experience just waiting to happen, but there are some best practices that can serve as friendly reminders when you plan out the next time to get high. Mixing substances is typically not ideal and never recommended, but when it comes to two natural remedies and taken in responsible amounts, the mind can truly expand from an experience that could be life changing. 

Microdosing mushroom and weed

It is best to always microdose both cannabis and magic mushrooms, especially taken in unison or over a short period of time. Sure, if you are extremely tolerant to smoking weed we understand you know your limits. But when adding fungi alkaloids to the mix, that tolerance can change up on you real quick. Stay ahead of the game by microdosing and waiting it out, the last thing you want is for magic mushrooms to hit you a few hours later like an edible and you can’t handle the excessive amount of shrooms you took because you were impatient. 

Be in a comfortable and familiar setting

The last thing someone wants is to feel high and unfamiliar with their surroundings, and there are some stories about crazy high trips that got worse because of the user being in a place they are not used to. Taking mushrooms in the comfort of your own home is something highly recommended so you know where you are no matter where your mind might take you later on, and gives you the ability to focus on your high rather than feeling the need to be in fight or flight mode.

Eat a big meal and stay hydrated

Making sure you are good prior to getting high is essential, and that includes eating a big meal and keeping hydration levels up. It is difficult to enjoy a high when your stomach is growling or you feel a dry mouth and can’t think of anything else but relieving it. Set the scene for yourself by eating a nicely balanced meal, drinking a few glasses of water and keeping snacks and drinks on hand for when the high hits and the munchies are summoned.

Mixing weed and shrooms conclusion

Mixing weed and shrooms conclusion

Go ahead and give yourself the green light to secure the two natural remedies that will cause a spiritual experience that could change your life. Don’t forget to adhere to best practices and recommendations above so you know how to properly handle a mushroom and weed high as it can get intense if you don’t set yourself up for success. The things you can discover when responsibly smoking weed and shrooms can be very beneficial to a user’s mind, body and spiritual happiness.

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