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Are you on the hunt for some potent weed that even the most experienced and high tolerance stoners will trip on? Let’s preface this article by mentioning that the strongest weed strains are not for the faint of heart and you will most likely be high out of your mind no matter how much of a stoner you are. It is best to start slow and in small amounts with these weed strains to figure out which work best for your needs. Here’s a list of the strongest weed strains that’ll knock you off your feet and have you soaring to another dimension!

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Sativa dominant weed strains

There’s often the common belief that sativa weed strains are not as potent as indica strains. But on the contrary, there are some sativa strains that will give you a powerful high similar to indica strains, without the heavy body feeling that will have you sinking into the couch. 

Shining Silver Haze

A top-quality sativa strain, Shining Silver Haze can reach THC levels up to 21% and is a popular choice to harvest due to its short flowering time. A mix between Haze, Skunk and Northern Light strains, the sweet aromas and flavor are paired nicely with a euphoric effect that has users immediately feeling it in both mind and body. 

AMG (Amnesia Mac Ganja)

Definitely one of the top contenders in the sativa category, Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) is an award-winning strain that will rejuvenate and energize you on the days you need it most. A cross between Amnesia and Ganja Mac Haze, this strain is near 22% in THC and delivers an earthy, spice flavor to kick your taste buds into overdrive.

Indica dominant strongest weed strains

If you are a lover of indica weed strains and prefer a heavier body high, the next few recommendations are extra potent so beware! Indica has different strains of weed that are whole different beast but nonetheless deliver an incredible high that you are sure to most likely not remember. >

MK Ultra

A ridiculously strong indica dominant strain, MK Ultra is up there in quality and considered one of the most potent and strongest indica weed strains in the world. Although THC content falls between 18-23%, the high that MK Ultra delivers is unbeatable considering you get a very heavy body high combined with a heightened euphoric bliss. A cross of G-13 and OG Kush, MK Ultra is not a strain to play around with but definitely the top choice if you are trying to shoot straight to the moon. 

Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbert is an up and coming popular indica dominant weed strain and is exactly what it sounds like! Known to be an immediately uplifting and euphoric weed strain, you’ll find that this high starts similar to a sativa strain but definitely comes full circle to display its true indica-dominant side. Once Sunset Sherbert mellows out in your system, enjoy that full-body high experience and soak in all the good vibes. 


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Hybrid strongest weed strains


GSC, also known as Girl Scout Cookies, is an extremely popular strain and for good reason. A Durban Poison and OG Kush hybrid, this indica-dominant hybrid strain can yield about 19% THC content. Taste citrus yet peppery flavors when smoking this strong weed strain while relaxing and resetting from a long day. This strain is best for those looking for pain relief and combatting nausea or loss of appetite.

Godfather OG

Another indica-dominant strain that is known to be the most potent marijuana strain, Godfather OG is hard to compete with on all levels. A cross between Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps, you already know that this strain is rich in quality and high THC content - up to 34%! Make sure you don’t have anything important to do when smoking this strain, you’ll experience a quick cerebral high then succumb to feeling completely relaxed and locked into the couch. Set up your favorite chill spot, put on a nice stoner playlist, and let the good times roll. 

Try to switch it up during your next trip to the local marijuana dispensary and give these recommendations a try - but only if you are trying to get seriously stoned! Grab one of these cool bongs, your weed of choice, and you’re ready to go. Whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid weed strains, you will fly higher than ever before and we wish you a successful stoner trip! What is the strongest weed strain you’ve ever tried?

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