Purple Punch Strain Review

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If you’re looking for some relief and a nice way to unwind and relax for the night, there are weed strains that specifically come to mind that will do the trick and deliver ultimate relaxation. Purple Punch strain is a popular top shelf that is known for being a dessert strain thanks to its sweetness and ability to put you to bed for the night. So what’s the hype surrounding this weed strain and should you swing by the dispensary to grab some? Here is a full Purple Punch strain review that will help you understand why it is a fan favorite.

Is Purple Punch potent?

The product of two indica-dominant hybrid strains, Purple Punch is a mix between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. These two strains are already potent on its own, so the mix will combine the best of each and give a heavy high that will cause couch lock. The Purple Punch strain usually tests between 20-25% THC so you don’t need much to get your head floating to the ceiling. 

Is Purple Punch good for beginners?

Since this is a top shelf strain and is indica dominant, this strain is probably not the best for beginners since it will be much heavier than other weed strains. As normally suggested, it is best to smoke in doses so you know exactly how much your body can take. Purple Punch is a strain that does not need to be overdone so taking a few puffs starting out is the best way to gauge just how tolerant you are. A few extra puffs might give you major couch lock and knock you out until the next day so if that’s the goal then to each is own!

Purple Punch side effects

Besides feeling couch lock and sleepy, Purple Punch obviously relaxes you but provides euphoria too. Users mention feeling the effects in the head and then body, like a two-punch combo that will have you sitting pretty high all night long with just one bong rip. Purple Punch is a best choice strain when it comes to smoking after dinner or a late night strain to enjoy as a nightcap. The sweetness of this weed strain will capture you into wanting to smoke more but wait a moment to let the effects kick in!

On the other hand, you might experience dry eyes and cotton mouth when smoking Purple Punch. Indica strains tend to do that, so it’s best to put in some eye drops beforehand and stay properly hydrated. If you take too much, you might experience some dizziness from getting too quick of a head high, so consuming in moderation is ideal. 

When should I smoke Purple Punch?

Whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable and need to take a step back within your body, Purple Punch is ideal for calming yourself and sort of muting any discomfort you’re experiencing. Feeling nausea and wanting to manage it? The Purple Punch strain will definitely help with that since it gives a head and body high to numb that nauseated feeling. If you are experiencing any body aches, the body high from smoking Purple Punch will provide a lot of relief and even give you a pretty good night’s sleep. 

Feeling any stress or anxiety? The euphoria will help with any tension and put you in a place of relaxation so you can actually enjoy your night. Purple Punch is most definitely a night time strain so you can put your thoughts at ease and clock out when you need to with just a few tokes. Be careful though, of getting a weed hangover the next day since this is an Indica strain. Again, staying hydrated and being properly nourished will help with any remaining effects the following day. 

Purple Punch Strain Final Review

Everyone has their opinion, yet the majority say that Purple Punch is a top shelf high quality strain that doesn’t take much to get you all the way turnt up. Purple Punch is an indica dominant strain that can melt all your worries away with just one bong rip. Smoking Purple Punch in moderation is the best way to do it, since it contains a higher THC content and should not be treated or smoked lightly. Purple Punch is the real deal when it comes to providing ultimate peace and relaxation, so prep your munchies and your bedtime routine to set yourself up for success. Buy a cool weed pipe to pack a small bowl of Purple Punch, close your eyes and unwind for a good time. 

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